Growing up in Switzerland’s beautiful Romandie region I knew three things for certain : Swiss lakesides have nothing to envy to the French riviera, the best sunsets are to be admired from the Lavaux and the fact that Nespresso is a Swiss brand. The latest might come as a surprise but many friends of mine had family working at Nespresso, and I always considered… Read more

A friend of mine working in real estate told me the other day that prices for properties close to the nature were literally exploding, that the situation we all live in (do I even have to name it?) for the past two years has reordered people’s priorities. Green spaces, forests, mountains – the importance of connecting with nature became an important part of our… Read more

6 months – this time period can either seem like a lifetime (think lockdown) or can flow by as quickly as a Swiss train – it’s now been over 6 months that I’ve been chosen as a digital ambassador for SBB (the Swiss railway company) and what a fun adventure it has been!

Together we travelled the country, from Zurich to Ticino, without forgetting… Read more

If there is one question that is no longer asked in 2021 is: why do we recycle? No one asks as everyone knows that today recycling is the easiest and quickest way to play your part in fighting environmental issues. 

When we moved out from our parents’ places, Charles and I had a teeny tiny apartment in Geneva, with the smallest possible kitchen… Read more

verbier, switzerland, suisse, verbier infinite playground pass

verbier, switzerland, suisse, verbier infinite playground pass

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the epidemiological situation we’ve been living these past 1,5 years has had some silver linings, but it’s now undeniable that it pushed us to discover (or rediscover) the beautiful country we live in. Just like last summer, my boys and I packed our suitcases and took the train to Verbier – a place that is… Read more

Can you feel it too? Summer’s in the air! I don’t know about you, but despite the lack of upcoming tropical travels I decided to make the most of these summer holidays and create a real chill vibe at home. Having a new appartement helps, but above all there is a thing the past 1,5 years have taught me: you have to live in… Read more

Oh wow, is it that time of the year already? Have you decorated your tree and started listening to jolly songs? Well I did, and I have to say that this year feels a bit special for two reasons: first of all because with everything that happened this year (and if we look at the trips and adventures we planned – didn’t happen) we… Read more

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