Oh wow, is it that time of the year already? Have you decorated your tree and started listening to jolly songs? Well I did, and I have to say that this year feels a bit special for two reasons: first of all because with everything that happened this year (and if we look at the trips and adventures we planned – didn’t happen) we… Read more

We all know that this summer is a bit different from other summers, especially when it comes to travels. With the boarders being reopened but many cancellations and quarantines popping out of the blues, lots of Swiss people have decided to indulge themselves in a staycation instead of risking themselves travelling abroad. And to be fair, scrolling down my feed on Instagram, and seeing… Read more

Last weekend we did something we haven’t done in months : we had a family getaway! It’s crazy how things I once took for granted seem like privilege after lockdown – travels, glasses of wine on a sunny terrace, swims in the lake … Now we’re slowing getting it all back and man, the pleasure of it all is like getting drunk on euphoria.… Read more

As lockdown is easing and slowly stopping here in Switzerland, I’m trying to see the silver linings of these hard past couple of months. First, I definitely got to spend more time at home with my family, when you have a child you realize that time needs to be valued, for a couple of weeks only can make a huge difference – kids grow… Read more

If I had to name one thing, one single reason why I’m proud to be working with Nespresso for over three years now, well surprisingly it won’t be all about the coffee (although it’s certainly very high on my list). The main reason would be the brand’s commitment to constantly improve its quality, not only on material levels but also and more importantly though… Read more

Something I learned over my 25 years is to always choose quality over quantity. I learned it the hard way, believe me; from owning 30+ jeans I don’t wear to wondering how on earth would I pack my closet when I moved out from my parents a couple of years ago. But with age comes the reason, or so they say, and now, after… Read more

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