The trees put forth new leaves, beautiful flowers bloom, dazzling colors of flowers enchant us: spring is officially here, and so are Clinique’s newbies.
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of receiving some of the new products from one of my favorite (in terms of quality, but also of originality) make-up brands, and you must imagine my excitement when I discovered the lovely candy-like products that were inside the box! Here is a quick article about my favorite articles that are all available from now on in stores.



Not so long ago, after having been offered a 30€ primer in a brand’s boutique I won’t name, I started wondering why aren’t brands inventing a lipstick formula with that primer already included, I mean that would be so much easier right? But before I could develop this idea and eventually launching my own cosmetic line and eventually again becoming rich because of my great idea, I discovered Clinique’s Pop Glaze lipsticks. Let’s say I’ll have more great ideas in the future, but in the meantime I started testing these 2in1m lip colour+primer wonders and guess what? They seduced my right after the first application.
The texture is velvet-like; not too liquid (thanks to the primer dose), and not too dry neither (how I hate dry lipsticks!). The colour is luxurious yet weightless and this lipstick keeps the lips moisturized for 8 hours.
I have this lipstick in three colours: “Berry Pop” which is my favorite, a demi-matte and quite dark shade of brown, “Cherry Pop” which is as I think a must-have that every girl should own, a demi-matte deep red (for a look à la parisienne) and the “Bubblegum Pop” that might seem a bit “too pink”, “too girlish” or “too bubblegum” (hum hum), but this one is actually a see-through colour – which basically means that it gives your lips a lovely shine without overloading it with colour – my must have for university bounds!



Just as the Pop lipsticks, Clinique’s new lip glosses are colour+primer formulas, made to last longer (6 promised hours!) and shine bright like a diamond (sorry-not-sorry for that). I have this Pop Lacquer in two colours: “Happy Pop” that is a very bold orange colour I’m absolutely mad of, and “Peace Pop” which has this deep purple shade that is so fashionable this spring 2016!
By the way, what about the cuteness of these products’ names?




As I got the blush in the lot of my products to try, I thought “oh no another blush”, cause you guys cannot even imagine how difficult I am when picking these products. It was the last product I tried, and the one that surprised me the most. I was afraid of the way-too-powdery texture it looked to have, but the first application made me change my mind. That Blush Pop is buttery and soft and you only need a tiny amount to give your cheeks a beautiful flush – I know that a lot of people dislike creamy blushers, as the are renowned in not lasting long, but I hadn’t this problem, the Blush Pop lasted all day on my face!
Here are Clinique’s advices for the application:

  • Swirl colour onto brush and sweep over apples of cheeks.
  • Gently blend colour up towards cheekbones and temple.
  • Reapply to build to desired brightness.

I actually apply my “Ginger Pop” only once, to give it a very natural look (and because as a University student it would seem way too weird to arrive flawless, and fresh, and lovely to classes, you know what I mean? You have to look like you worked for hours the night before, lol), but of course it all depends of the combination skin you have and the effect you want to create – this is the advantage of a blush with “buildable” colors.
As always, I have a big crush on packagings, and this new powder is shaped as a lovely daisy – you cannot even imagine the time it took to me before being able to use it, and destroy the nice flower-shape. Fortunately I had the good idea of taking the pictures first.



Some people are are fond of nail polishes, others of lipsticks. My poison takes the form of an eye-shadow. I use four different eye-shadows to create my everyday’s make up – and all of them are shades of brown! Thus, the “Cocoa Pop” one from this Clinique’s new collection was exactly of the right tone. Just as the Blush Pop, the eyeshadow powder has the shape of a spring daisy, which melt my heart when I used it for the first time.
When it comes to the application, I must admit that I found the color a bit dull and had to layer multiple times to obtain the promised colour.



A purple mascara, really? I know, I was puzzled as well when I got it. But actually, colorful mascaras are one of the biggest summer trends ever and look just gorgeous when applied right. What does right mean? This means that a colored mascara is bold enough to be worn alone, so keep the rest of your makeup simple, and also that it looks better when applied on both top and bottom lashes, according to your eye colour in will make them pop.
Clinique Chubby Lash option is ideal to give volume, as the oversized brush transforms lashes from fine and faint to bodacious and bold, and we love volume right?


As you might know, I do not use eyeliners that often – but when I do I want them to be as perfect and easy to use as possible. But I don’t want it to be waterproof neither because I hate rubbing my eyes for hours in the bathroom to remove it. Well this makes me very picky, doesn’t it? The reasons why I loved the “Pretty Easy” one by Clinique are that it doesn’t leak, doesn’t clump, doesn’t smudge. I is also pretty easy to use (aww that moment when you notice that it is the product’s name) and just as easy to remove!