March darlings, that very same month that promises us a spring that seems to never come and the end of a fashion season that seems to never stop. As I’m writing these lines I’m cuddled in my bed in Geneva, staring at my suitcase that is still full with my stuff from the Milan Fashion Week – eventually I’ll need to open it and start packing for the upcoming Paris Fashion Week, but it will not be today I fear, because that essay of Gogol’s works for University won’t wait till I get back into a studious way of life. It is during this kind of periods that you come to realize the importance of a good beauty routine, and mine is always evolving in the rythm of my activities – so in this article you can discover these essentials I’ll carry around on all upcoming month’s trips.

I also wanted to take advantage of this article to thank you all for the interest in my reviews. I mean, when I started the Beauty column on TheRussianCode a year and a half ago it was really with crossed fingers and a little knowing of the beauty world, I’m trying to learn every day by being interested by the novelties, the techniques and the stories behind each product and this happens only because of your kind messages, requests and questions. This might sound a bit overrated but it means the world to me. Hashtag I-m-feeling-emotional.



The past few years have been rich in changes, especially when in comes to masculine/feminine boundaries. Last season has been marked by brand declaring their shows Unisex, last week I’ve been introduced to the first Unisex collection of the italian brand Casadei and it is without a hint of surprise that I discovered the new “ck2” fragrance by Calvin Klein, the brand’s third genderless fragrance that suits both women and men. I know, unisex fragrance sounds weird and I can already picture your puzzled little faces, but ck2’s really worth a chance as it’s notes are really neutral and fresh: wasabi, mandarin and violet leaf as head notes, wet cobblestones and concrete accords, orris root and rose absolute as heart notes and woody base of vetiver, sandalwood and incense as base notes.
It is a fragrance that is not complicated, dedicated to a young clientele and probably suiting better for the summer season, when it’s freshness should be appreciable at it’s best.
The bottle follows the usual minimalistic Calvin Klein design of “what you see is what you get” but has a versatile plus : the cylinder of thick glass that holds the liquid is set on a clear base that allows the fragrance to be viewed either upside down or right side up – original, practical and definitely good-looking.



Concealers are beauty products you never take in consideration while on holidays, but once you come back to real life – when your hours of sleep can be counted on one single hand and make-up is not longer optional – concealers start being your closest allies. I realized this when I had to get back to a regular pace of work after two months of holidays (yes, University has it’s perks). Back in the years I used to wear a concealer from Bourgeois, but wasn’t satisfied with it at all as the effects were nowhere to be seen – of course I wasn’t looking for a miracle product, I know that nothing’s better to fight bags than a good night of sleep, but when you still have 50 shades of dark circles under the eyes after applying your concealer that can only mean this one is bad. After this disappointing experience I kind of gave up on concealers, which turned out to be a false good idea when I started using a BB cream instead of foundation. This is how I ended up looking for a good remedy against dark rings (again).
The new Double Wear Concealer by Estée Lauder thus came just at the right time; launched at the beginning of January, this water, perspiration and humidity-resistant product is not leaving my vanity case from now on. I like the small size and pale pink color of it’s packaging, as well as the natural and light yet effective colouring of the concealer itself.
Here are some concealing techniques, all depending of the specific needs you have: For darkness around eyes, go with a slightly lighter shade than your foundation. For puffiness, slightly darker. For uneven skintone, wear the same exact shade as your foundation.


I discovered IsaDora a few weeks ago during their new collection’s presentation in Zurich and fell for their nice concept (and affordable prices!); this Swedish beauty brand that offers a wide range of make-up products with first class ingredients that are fragrance free and clinically tested (aka not animal tested). Their latest baby that is not leaving my bag for weeks and is nearly empty now is the Nourishing Lip Oil, a gel-oil formula that infuses the lips with nourishing care and coats them in a smooth glossy shine. I like it’s soft built-in applicator and the lime, vanilla and rosemary flavour (all natural of course darlings). As for the care, the gel is made of three different kind of oil; the avocado oil that is moisturizing, anti-oxidant and increases collagen production, the sunflower oil that is moisturizing, anti-aging and softening, and finally the coconut oil that is skin repairing and moisturizing



Not being a huge fan of products to keep during the sleep, I usually apply them and remove with water after a few minutes (enough to let it act a bit though) – I skipped this tradition with Shiseido’s sleeping mask as it is liquid enough to be rapidly absorbed by the skin and it’s oily texture it actually something I came to appreciate + the soft face skin on the morning, priceless.
The mask contains little vitamin C and E capsules that melt upon application and help tired-looking skin appear brighter and clearer – the perfect product when if comes to university rhythm of life.
By the way, did you knew that Shiseido is a Japanese brand, and was one of the firsts to produce cosmetic products?


Inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary’s elixir of youth, this powerful plant based anti-dull complexion treatment smooths away fine lines, tightens pores and gives the complexion an instant boost of radiance. This Caudalie cult product is favoured by make-up artists, beauty addicts and celebrities as it works wonderfully to help set make-up.
I like it’s small packaging, that is very practical as it can easily carried around in the bag and used at anytime of the day to wake up the skin.



I’ve been using Roger&Gallet’s “Fleur de figuier” fragrance for months when I received their Body Balms and Hand Creams last October (yass posting late, but at least now you’re sure that I test my products on long term). These newbies come with fragrances derived from the brand’s most iconic scents,  in three different variants for body balms: Fleur de Figuier, Rose and Fleur d’Osmanthus, and five variants for hand creams: Fleur de Figuier, Rose, Fleur d’Osmanthus, Bois d’Orange (that is SPF 15 by the way) and Gingembre Rouge. I crushed over the Rose scent for both products as they have a soft, nice, comforting and almost cooing scent. The texture of the Body Balm is rich but not greasy and quickly absorbed by the skin (criteria number one when if comes to creams, don’t you think?). The Hand Cream contains rose extracts known for it’s soothing properties and protects hand and nails again skin irritation. Of course, both products have a deep hydrating function and I will never say enough hot important it is to moisturize it’s skin during the cold season!

Pictures : my own self