As a child, I pictured myself being a lot of things, but none of them included being the special guest of such a grand hotel as La Reserve in Geneva – actually, I’m still pinching myself while writing these lines. If you follow me on social medias (that include my Instagram + InstaStory as well as my Snapchat channel) you probably couldn’t have missed my happy-kid face as I was discovering all the pleasures this hotel has to offer; from a surprise cake to an extraordinary dinner, without forgetting the most relaxing spa moment and the dozens of friendly faces I met within the walls of La Reserve. Yes, as a child I couldn’t possibly dream of such intense 24 hours, but life is somehow filled with wonders. Thus guys, I’m glad to share with you my La Reserve experience.

Wednesday 14:30 : An elegant motoscafo boat picks us up at the Jardin d’Angleterre to bring us at the hotel. As La Reserve is situated in a residential suburb, around three miles from Geneva’s town center, this little shuttle is just the ideal way of crossing the lake – especially when the weather is nice as you can have a closer look to the famous “Jet-D’Eau” fountain.


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Wednesday 14:45 : We arrive on the La Reserve ground. Immediately I’m struck by the general state of calm there; as the hotel is located in the middle of a 10 acres park, the whole atmosphere is all about peace – just like a world beyond time.


Wednesday 15:00 : After checking in, we are lead to our room – or rather to our suite, where champagne, fruits an a little lemon pie are waiting for us. This “Lake Suite” is composed of a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom (with that crazy cool whirl-pool tub that I immediately knew I would test later) and the lot is decorated in an African-lodge style. The view is pretty pleasant as well – from our two balconies we could enjoy the calm of the park, the outside pool and some looks on the Lake Geneva.

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Wednesday 15:30 : A piece of lemon pie in hand, I decide to give a look at the hotel’s interiors. This 5 star hotel-spa was designed as a lodge, reminiscent of a lost paradise on the outer edges of a legendary Africa. I wander in the corridors and come across a giant elephant, some lamps decorated with colorful birds, a lot of different butterflies and more … everything there screams exoticism and truly excite my imagination. Believe me, it’s hard to remember you’re still in Geneve once at La Reserve.

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Wednesday 17:00 : Charles and I are heading to the spa. Oh how many great things I heard about La Reserve’s spa! It seemed to be THE thing to experience when in Geneva. And guess what? It was better than they said, it was better than I expected, it was per-fect. After doing some breaststroke in the indoor swimming pool (while Charles was enjoying the pleasures of the hammam) I decide to relax a bit by the pool with a homemade iced tea, some healthy nibbles and my current read (“The Life-Changing Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck” by Sarah Knight – definitely advising it to everybody).


Wednesday 20:00 : A table has been booked for us at the hotel’s Cantonese gastronomic restaurant called “Tse Fung” and we head there as hungry as possible. With it’s red velvet, black lacquer and silk hangings, the place really takes us back to the athmosphere of a “1930s Shanghai Grand Palace Hotel”. As we want to test as many different dishes as possible, we are advised by the captivating Chloé, manager assistant, to take the “Emerald Menu” that is like a degustation of the restaurant’s signature dishes.
Guys, words cannot describe the “Red Rice Rolls with shrimps” and the “Beef Basilic Sauté” – book a table at Tsé Fung, order these and just thank me later.





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Wednesday 23:00 : Back at our room after a most incredible dinner (and a Mojito “Madame” or two), my hands mysteriously adventure into the Room Service menu to order a mint tea (also an advice from Chloé – mint tea is excellent for digestion). Once delivered, I head to the bathroom and indulge myself with a hot spa bath with soap bubbles while sipping my mint tea.

Thursday 8:00 : If usually waking up is hard, waking up in such a soft-paradise-beg as La Reserve’s is even harder. But our stay at this hotel is not over, the breakfast is waiting for us. Served at the gorgeous French restaurant “Le Loti”, the breakfast is composed of a buffet with all the usual delights: fruits, pastries … sushis (yes guys, sushis for breakfast is definitely #lifegoals) and then you can order some additional yummies just as Charles and I that couldn’t resist some pancakes (for me) and a ham omelet (for him). We leave Le Loti absolutely full – if breakfast is that good, I’m afraid I cannot even imagine how is the Sunday brunch (the merits of which have been so vaunted) there.



Thursday 10:30 : Probably the moment I was the most looking forward to; the 1-hour La Reserve Signature massage at Nescens Spa. We arrive there and are immediately greeted by our two therapists, then we enter two separated rooms and magic begins. With its gentle pressing motion combined with targeted stretching, this therapeutic massage provides both physical and mental relaxation. It releases accumulated tension caused by daily routines that are often intense and stressful, freeing the body from abdominal discomfort. This treatment also improves quality of sleep, the capacity to recover from jet-lag as well as the ability to relax – god knows I needed that.


Thursday 13:30 : Our little suitcases packed, we say bye-bye to our suite, to the hotel and the staff that welcomed us that warmly, and get back to the reality in the little boat-shuttle.

Pictures : Charles Legrand/La Reserve Hotel