As I recently told in an interview, blogging is all about ups and downs and the most important is to never ever give up your dreams. Because sometimes, dreams come true.
A few days ago I got the chance of being invited by MAC to my first movie premiere during the Locarno Film Festival, and guess what? It was without doubt one of these “ups” blogging work can bring you. From the spacious hotel Belvedere where the brand’s team was waiting for us, to the red carpet moment in my sparkling Vicedomini dress, without forgetting the private makeup session with a MAC’s artist (that made me the sickest brows and lip colour ever) and the after party at the gorgeous Villa San Quirico with Moët&Chandon … everything was like a dream, happening to someone that looks sligtly like me but with definitely better contouring and highlighting 😉

The movie itself, called “The Girl With All The Gifts”, disturbed quite a lot of people that decided to leave the Piazza Grande and enjoy the pleasures of a lounge bar. And although I’m no big fan of zombies and bloody scenes, I couldn’t follow them – because the scenery; this beautiful historic place, this huge screen and those stars, just above our heads, the scenery was just too good to leave and I wanted to live this movie premiere experience from A to Z.



V13A0921 V13A0908 V13A0936 V13A0984 V13A09733

Pictures : Charles Legrand