Summertime cannot possibly go without moisturizing essentials … wait isn’t it something I already told about wintertime? Well, of all our daily skincare routines, moisturizing is one of the most important. But moisturizing your face during the summer just sometimes doesn’t seem to make sense. But believe it or not, it’s still just as important to keep your skin hydrated during warmer months – we still need hydration in the summer, just the kind of hydration that is light enough to moisturize the skin without being heavy or thick.
So please find in this article four of my total must-haves of the season; smell them, test them, empty them and send me a snap with your opinion (Snapchat: @elvira_abasova)


We all love that sensation of freshness after a shower, especially on hot summer days – but it tends to disappear very fast right? I recently started using this body gel from Vichy (because summer in Switzerland is quite recent as well) and got addicted for three reasons:
– The texture: very light, don’t leave marks nor sticky films + gives to the skin a little healthy-looking shine
– The scent : when 10 essential oils are gathered in one body gel, the result is pretty awesome and lasts hours and hours
– The moisturizing effect : here we are, thanks to it’s hydrating agents, the body gel truly avoids skin dryness and does it’s duty be refreshing it (maybe not for the 10-15 promised hours, but definitely for 6-7).


Another gel-textured product that saves my skin on a daily basis! Since I got this Moisture Surge newby from Clinique a month ago, I couldn’t help but applying it every single morning (even took the risk on carrying it in my hand luggage while traveling to London)(yes customs always confiscate beauty products from me). This face gel has the huge advantage of being rapid in penetration and leaving no film, it is also oil-free, fragrance-free and disappointment-free. Regarding the hydratation, it does the job very well, providing my face with the promised “burst of moisture”.


I was applying this cream to my hands the other day in a restaurant, when the lady that was sitting behind me nearly jumped on my table to take a picture of the tube. “It smells SO good” she said, while frenetically snapping my hand cream from all angles. If her reaction can seem extravagant at first sight, it becomes (a bit) clearer once you have scented/tested the product; Clarins’ new limited edition hand creams are gems indeed. Coming in three different scents (orange blossom, white tea leaf or fig leaf), this nourishing cream  acts like an invisible “glove” to protect the hands – and me being a real hand cream addict, I emptied my 30ml Fig leaf version in a few weeks only as it is a real pleasure to apply.


If L’Occitane’s Foot Cream had been a luxury bag, it would have been a Chanel “Boy” as it is a classic of it’s range. I’ve been using this product since … God knows since, let’s just say it’s been for years now and it never failed me!
The French brand’s best seller is rich in nourishing shea butter and contains antiseptic A.O.C. lavender essential oil to purify the skin, as well as some anti-inflammatory arnica extract to help reduce redness and irritation after a long day of walk/work. I’m using it around two times a week right before going to bed, and am always charmed by the scent that is very comforting and by the texture that is rich but still sinks straight into skin leaving no greasy feeling.

Picture : Charles Legrand