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They say first impressions are important as they define almost irreversibly the mental image of a person, place, etc. and in my case, Pisa made a terrible first impression on me.
Don’t understand me wrong: the architecture is incredible indeed, and I’m not only talking about the over-famous Leaning Tower – the whole building set of Piazza dei Miracoli is one of the finest I’ve ever seen … but I felt like it’s magic was quite diminished by the huge amount of tourists making the most boring of pictures ever (you must know what I’m talking about, the one on which they try to “hold” the tower?). It is such a pity to discover the world as a museum, as something we must see and take a picture of before moving to another place while it seems to me that the world must be touched, tasted, felt – each place should be lived like something real, and not like a shiny postcard to be shown on social media.
Charles and I sat quite disappointed in the most touristic spot of the city, the Pasticceria dei Miracoli that has a good view on the Leaning Tower, drank an orange juice and, just when we were about to pay and leave, something fabulous happened. A young guy, just a bit older than I am, placed his hat on the floor and started playing guitar. This might seem cliché but it was nothing like I’ve ever heard before, his music was pure and hypnotic – the mesmerizing effect was amplified by the sunset light on that Romanesque architecture in the background. The terrace clients put down their coffees, the closest tourists stopped taking pictures and every passer-by seemed to forget where they were heading to – all stopped to listen. You can’t really put words on this music, neither completely describe the effect it has on you but this moment was for sure the realest one I felt in Pisa – and this is what I choose to remember of the city.

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Pictures: Charles Legrand

Top : Topshop

Skirt : Miss Selfridge

Strap : Louis Vuitton

Sunnies : MaxMara (from BESTSECRET)

Necklace : Swarovski

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