As a couple, Charles and I are pretty much of a disparate one; he enjoys long walks in the forest while I – short runs in the city, he eats whatever’s on the table while I’m the pickiest person ever, he’s more into alternative music while my playlist is all about pop. But in spite of our many dissimilarities we still managed to live together for some years now – I chalk it up to those little similarities that bind us – one of these is our same taste for clothes. See, we both like our clothes to be classical yet with modern shapes – we value timeless quality pieces and among all, good investments.

This was thus only natural for us to be fond of Nobis – a Canadian luxury outerwear brand founded by a former Canada Goose Vice President and that is slowly but surely taking over Switzerland.

In latin, Nobis means « us » – how convenient is this? Moreover, Nobis defines itself as a brand ideal for moving from the mountains to the city streets, exploring the wilderness or trying a new menu, and it must be this specific aspect of the brand, this versatility, that won over both Charles and I – Nobis’ jackets are of course warm and adapted to all sorts of weather conditions, but they are also elegant and stylish.

In the following months Charles and I, as Nobis’ freshly named Swiss Brand Ambassadors, will show several looks and jacket models on the blog and try to develop Nobis’ story in these posts + there are talks of an exciting giveaway as well, so stay tuned!

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Charles is wearing the Nobis Quinton mantle

I am wearing the Nobis Justice trench coat

Visit NOBIS Switzerland’s website for more infos