Last week I escaped from Geneva (and from studies) for a few hours to attend the Clinique event in Zurich – I took advantage of having come a few hours earlier to have a cappuccino at Sprüngli with a fantastic team I had missed a lot (more to come in the following months!). And at the end of that day, having been driven by this  Zurich atmosphere for hours I started wondering if this could be a city for me to live in. After all, Zurich has basically everything I love: calm coffee-places, busy Bahnhofstrasse, tons of showrooms, crazy nice people and Sprüngli desserts – could I be one of these ladies that goes for a walk at Bellevue and admires Munch artwork at the Kunsthaus every Thursday? As a matter of fact no, no I couldn’t because of the language barrier that strikes me everytime I come.

Some would say you can get through with english, maybe it’s true but my experience too often made me face people that really, deeply, wanted me to try (or to rather have a bad time trying) their lovely « Schweizerdeutsch » – aka the almanic dialect spoken in Switzerland. Although I kind of learned German for ten years at school, I never managed to understand/speak it properly, nor to appreciate it’s delicate sonority – the fact that I cheated off my best friend all those years probably didn’t help – and now, when someone insists on me trying to speak it, it just makes me want to lie on the floor and cry myself out. So no walks in Bellevue for me 🙂

Regarding my outfit, I decided to go for something casual yet elaborate, pairing my brand new Pierce bag (that I paid thanks to THIS) with some flare denim, a big warm sweater and my mom’s Gucci booties – this is also the first time I was shooting a look with my new tattoo, cannot get used to it, always trying to find the best angle to have it in the pic #sorrynotsorry

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Pictures : Charles Legrand

Sweater : Uno Più Uno

Jeans : Rag&Bone

Booties : Gucci

Bag : J.W Anderson