Boutiques may be full of winter collections, but it won’t be parka weather for at least another few weeks. What to wear while you wait? How to deal with morning’s five degrees and lunch’s seventeens? When in comes to transitional weather, my go-to outfit goes pretty basic: a big cosy sweater – I buy one or two classic ones every year and have a pretty good stock right now, it is a timeless piece that everyone should have on hand – a t-shirt under it, a comfortable pair of jeans and some black booties. Believe it or not but alternating the few pieces I have allows me to keep my everyday’s looks quite playful.

My only piece of advice would be not to spare on quality when in comes to sweaters. Believe me, it’s better to invest in one good piece you will keep for years, than buy five shoddy pieces at Zara every single year.


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Pictures : Charles Legrand

Sweater : Mads Norgaard (similar here or here)

Jeans : Topshop (same here)

Booties : Casadei (similar here)

Bag : Chanel (similar here)