I’ve always been the shortie. That one girl that looks smaller that anyone else on pictures (and thus prefers being shot in the sitting position when surrounded by taller persons) as well as the one to be constantly repeated but hey, petite is cute. I must say that I don’t think about it often, it is not a complex nor something that tends to define me, yet the other day I was shopping in Geneva (something I do less and less often, because it takes way more time and energy than e-shopping, factual evidence coming next) and I spotted a big oversize trench, very similar to the one I’m wearing in this post, and asked the saleswoman for my size. The woman gave me my XS size but couldn’t help pointing out that for my size a big&long item is not recommended, would I like to try their skinny biker jackets?

Ah, fashion can be so rigid when coming along with narrow-minded spirits. Moreover aren’t we in 2017? Stupid rules as « shoes&bag color coordination », « avoiding horizontal straps » or « menswear is just for men » are so passé and definitely to be left behind with your Britney Spears posters and ancient feelings towards vegan food.

Body type guidelines are even worse, because they suppose that if you’re not of a specific body shape you’ll never be capable of correctly wearing an item. If you’re pear shaped don’t wear skinny jeans! If you’re big busted don’t wear low cut tops. If you’re short don’t wear long skirts. And so on and so forth. I mean, what’s this? The nineties in a post-soviet Russia all over again?

Whatever looks or don’t look good on you is so subjective, that only yourself or someone that knows you really good can say. At the end, you must not only be good-looking in an item, either it is a long trench or a skinny jeans, you must feel comfortable, you must feel yourself. And believe me, a saleswoman does not guess your personality and your needs by judging your body type.

As a petite person, I appreciate nothing more than a big, comfy and long outfit to feel cosy in, and I’d like to see someone trying to kill my vibe while I’m exuding happiness in an oversized mantle.

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Trench : Topshop Boutique

Bag : JW Anderson

Top : Sandro

Sneakers : Adidas

Rings : vintage

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