When I was younger I used to watch romance movies, dreaming of my own future love story and constantly, unceasingly wondering how and under what conditions will I know that this person is the one. I mean, books and movies present it in such a simple way, like there is no other choice for the characters than falling in love, almost as if they were driven together by some mystic strength and it seemed way too candid, easy to my teenage self. Because teenagers always want drama, remember? And control freak as I am I couldn’t help imagining complicated rules as well as elaborated strategies, and at some point, came to be convinced of the pragmatic aspect of love.

Then I met Charles. I must say that sticking to it’s guns and continue believing in any sort of rules concerning love is pretty hard when facing it’s first real feelings.

There was something no rule nor strategy could create; an instinctive understanding along with a genuine, almost natural feeling of peace. The fact is – when it is the right person you know it, you just feel it in your bones and there is no complications needed once you dare to declare your feelings: a smile, a touch or a kind gesture – as long as the feeling is honest, the declaration cannot be wrong.

Charles and I have been together for almost six years now, united by our mutual passion and love – thus, having been approached by Cartier to embody their new launch, a skinnier version of their iconic LOVE bracelet, we found ourselves in quite a comfort zone. The original LOVE bracelet dates back to 1969 and is meant to tie an unbreakable love bond between two people, the kind of bond that is sealed with the help of a screwdriver – the idea of a bracelet that requires your better half to secure it in place somehow really inspired me, and the fact that the chances of losing it once in place are close to zero greatly satisfied my control-freak-self. Apart from being thinner and more delicate-looking, this new LOVE takes after the original one with it’s wrist-hugging oval shape and instantly recognisable screws … I’m having mine on the wrist day and night – it not only completes every one of my outfits, giving them that extra chic touch we all crave for, but also reminds me that often, passion and love come hand in hand.

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Pictures : Charles Legrand

Bracelets : LOVE by Cartier

Pictures taken at the La Reserve Hotel in Geneva