When Charles and I landed in Florence, I knew quite well that time to visit the city was limited – as originally the plan was to remain at the Pitti exhibition with Nobis’ team (explicative blogpost coming soon) – but limited does not mean inexistent, and it is in quite a rush that we jumped in a cab after dropping our suitcases in the hotel, before heading to the one place I wanted to see : the Duomo. I’ve seen so many pictures, heard so many tales about this florentine Duomo, that my expectations were rather high. And gosh, I wasn’t disappointed. My first reaction was much like Carrie Bradshaw when she catches a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower for the first time, see? A surprised “oh!” followed by a crazy giggle – yes, this Duomo had an incredible, dazzling effect on me. I cannot explain it with precision, except maybe the fact that it’s white marble catches the light in a unique way, and at some point it is just as if the monument was shining all by itself. Absolutely breathtaking.

We spent one hour hanging around this Duomo, taking pictures of every angle (and eventually had a gelato for lunch time) before moving in direction of the Piazza della Republica, where we bumped into the most adorable and photogenic carousel (I think I spammed a bit my InstaStories with it, but it was really worth the while!).

Although this Florentine experience was brief, the old city’s architecture and vibes really stole my heart and I might must come back really soon to discover more of it’s touristic&hidden gems.

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Pictures : Charles Legrand

Blouse : Navy London

Pants : Ivyrevel

Bag and shoes : Gucci

Earrings : Dior

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