I believe we all have a happy place, a city or a neighborhood that keeps filling us with positive energy, inspiration and just works on keeping us happy. Mine is Paris. Yes, I know all of it’s terrible morning traffic, moody residents and the fact that wherever you look at there are homeless. All those Fashion Week seasons I spent cursing the city because of the weather or the lack of taxis and all those situations I wished I’d be anywhere else than in the Marais – yet here I am, still deeply in love with Paris. Because in spite of all it’s flaws, each time I arrive there and see those typical parisian building, the Seine and (please forgive the huge cliché) the Eiffel Tower there is a little child waking up in my soul and I cannot help but watching everything through rose-tinted glasses. That’s how love works, doesn’t it? To be conscious of all sides, good and bad, and still feeling in love.
The day after we woke up from the Paco Rabanne event, Charles and I left the hotel for a little walk in the city’s center – my feet being KO after the hours spent in Louboutins, I went for the most casual look I could, aka blue jeans and sneakers. Simple and functional, but to upgrade my outfit I picked up a white lace top and an adorable wallet-on-chain from Roger Vivier’s new mini collection called “Love Tattoo”.

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Pictures : Charles Legrand

Top : CornerParisien

Jeans : Levi’s

Bag : Roger Vivier “Love Tattoo” collection

Sneakers : Adidas

Bracelet : Cartier LOVE

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