The other day I was having a conversation with a friend of mine on how most people seem to keep their most beautiful items, clothes or jewelry, for “special days”, often by fear of ending up overdressed (but more on this term later) during an event.

My mother is from this sort, her wardrobe could make jealous more than one fashionista – yet half of the beauties that are inside remain brand new, for she’s always making excuses not to wear them. From this dress is way too chic to I’m afraid I’ll damage it while dancing, I’ve heard them all. But what’s the point of constantly postponing occasions that might not occur again? What if Cinderella has decided not to wear her little glass slipper to attend the ball? By waiting for the ideal occasion, you often settle expectations way too high – whether it’s for an outfit, a jewel, an accessory or even an event – you might end up missing the real ideal occasions.

And it’s not only a matter of timing, or of so-called special occasions, but rather of a state of mind – everyday should be a day to shine, to feel great, to proudly wear this new pair of shoes or this piece of jewellery. Not for others, not because of what someone else could or should think – but because the sight of this item on you will make you smile. Isn’t it a sufficient reason of taking your most cherished jacket or favourite grand-ma’s necklace for an out-and-about in the city?

As for the overdressed criteria, we can put this opinion down to my Russian roots, but I generally prefer to be my best self in every situation, with a bit more glow than required, than melting into the crowd and pass unnoticed. I hate it when people ask why am I so dressed up, you might think I need a party to wear red lips, when it’s a simple way of bringing me confidence and joy in my daily life.

The fact is; beautiful things are made to be worn, to be seen, to be lived in.

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Pictures : Charles Legrand

Make-Up : YSL beauty total look

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Jacket : Les Copains

Dress : Three Floor

Bag : Roger Vivier’s “Love Tattoo” collection

Watch : Cartier’s “Ballon Bleu”

Bracelet : Cartier’s “LOVE”

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