Jet lag or not, when Paco Rabanne kindly requests your presence in Paris to attend a special event, you just jump in your Louboutins and take the train for the City of Lights. It happened last week : Charles and I had barely the time to update our watches that we found ourselves in one of Paris’ chicest hotel, Le Meurice, discussing Paco Rabanne’s new launches as well as the course of the day to come, and believe me, when the brand is organizing something, it’s no lil business.

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Have I ever dreamed of having a 3D miniature of me to proudly display on my bookshelf? Not really, yet it happened when the Paco Rabanne team unveiled their first surprise, a display of 91 Canon cameras lovely arranged in one of the hotel Suites. I was told to take the pose that represents me the most, and 91pictures later (it lasted no more that two seconds, crazy) it was all in the box – both Charles and I shall receive our miniatures in a couple of weeks!

While this first surprise was supposed to set us on the path, at this point of the day I admit having had no clue about what the major event would be, or even where it was about to happen.


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The second surprise was as incredible as it was unexpected :  when our driver left us in front of the Grévin Museum, I thought of some mystic powers, for I wanted to visit this place for so long! But you know how things are when you’re a tourist – you want to prove yourself you’re not “one of them” and just skip the regular touristic sites, ending up missing real gems. And a gem it was for sure! In case some ignore it, this museum is internationally known for it’s wax representations of famous people and this since 1882. It’s hard to transmit the whole atmosphere of this event in pictures, for it really was magical: imagine a baroque architecture setting, all glam and sparkling, with tons of mirrors and several realistic wax representations of famous people (nearly had a heart-attack when I “met” Leonardo DiCaprio). Imagine the new Paco Rabanne fragrances, the intense versions of Olympea and Invictus, placed in the heart of this Gossip Girl-like event. And please, imagine me eating some caramelized pop-corn in Vicedomini’s SS17 key dress (if I die in good shape, please burry me in this dress).


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Oh, if the ambiance was sexy at the beginning of the event, from the moment Paco Rabanne revealed their final surprise it became, please forgive my Spanish, definitely caliente. You guys all know Luma Grothe and Nick Youngquest I suppose? Those two seductive ambassadors that embody Olympéa and Invictus in such a perfect way? Well a curtain fell and here they were, Luma and Nick – for a couple of seconds I thought I was seeing double (blame it on that french champagne), but the models were actually standing next to their wax true copies. Indeed, from the little 3D representation offered to each guest, to the mesmerising place in which the event took place, all roads lead us to this: Invictus and Olympéa became legends – gaining immortality thanks to the Grevin Museum exceptional art. I must say that it was amazing to be there that night, not only because the ambassadors are even sexier in real life, but mainly for it allowed me an insight into Paco Rabanne’s sparkling world, and believe me we all want a bite of this cake.

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As for the fragrances themselves, you might remember the classic Invictus perfume launched in 2013, and the very successful classic Olympéa that followed it in 2015? Or even the most recent launches of Olympéa Aqua and Invictus Aqua? Well the story continues with the Intense versions of both iconic scents, but this time with an even more sensual twist – a beautiful complexity of salty vanilla, amber, musk (God knows how I love musky notes) and orange blossom absolu for Olympéa, and a salty-amber accord merged with black pepper for Invictus. As I said, caliente.

The bottles remain recognizable by their iconic shapes, but the intense versions have their own twist. Olympéa’s packaging becomes more oriental, with it’s copper-colored shades and polished amber resin for the dome. While Invictus’ packaging is darker, deeper, with a varnished graduated transparent glass for the bottle and a steel-blue liquid.


Pictures : Charles Legrand

Special thanks to Erica, Alice and Paco Rabanne’s press team for having us!

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