As I’m packing my suitcase again for a couple of projects in Zurich and Milan, I cannot help but feeling a very familiar excitement that reaches me every time I’m about to spend some time in big cities; hello food on-the-go and bye bye sleep. Beyond basic travel conditions, these are the bursts of energy that I’m looking for the most – the kind that occur out of comfy beds of course. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Geneva and am not planning of moving for the moment; this city’s small enough to be walked through, and big enough to have at least five cool coffee places I can work in – moreover it’s calm, which kind of gives me the necessary conditions for my studies and projects planning. But it lacks of energizing vibes, of that special something that makes you wake up in the morning with the feeling of creative power and perhaps it also lacks of some little flashes of inspiration – do you know what I mean? Like when you’re walking in the street and spot some meaningless detail that appear so clearly to you as a sign, and you lack of words to describe it except maybe : inspiration? Home is good, home is comfy (and God knows how important it is sometimes), but foreign cities are the boosts that make me live.

On this note, here is my final street-style look from the Paris Fashion Week – a veryyyy casual one. There was actually supposed to be ten posts, as I spent ten days in Paris, but Charles and I decided to publish our five favorites only before switching to more recent and springish stylings.

Pictures : Charles Legrand

Samsoe & Samsoe sweater

Topshop jeans

Roger Vivier bag

Adidas sneakers

Chanel pins

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