As another week comes to an end I decided to make a little break in my studies (have to catch up all the classes I missed during these past weeks of travelling – I’m actually not complaining, it was totally worth it) to publish a new blogpost, featuring my second Paris Fashion Week outfit.

After a first day of deluge and ruined white clothes, I’ve been cheered up by the weather forecast that announced a foggy-yet-rainless day, and went for another risky look. Why risky? Well, have you guys ever purchased a bright new pair of spotless white sneakers and thought oh yes this time I’ll not mess with them, I’ll keep them white for evah! I bet you did, I would also bet my red lipstick collection that with all your goodwill your shoes ended up with at least one dirty mark. And God knows one mark is enough to ruin a mood/look/life (depending on your anxiety pattern)  – yes life’s so hard when you have white sneakers. Imagine my level of goodwill when I left the apartment in my white Vans for three shows (yep, street style included) and two presentations, and may I remind you the city I was in? Paris – aka that one city where puddles stay for three days after a rainy day (in Russia it’s about a week, there for my silver lining).

Anyway, in spite of that careless shoe situation I was quite satisfied by that day’s outfit: a Topshop high waisted pair of jeans matched with a white lace top, a mantle I found on Zalando that has a uber-cool pattern (being not really into patterns these times I kind of surprised myself by loving this one, I think it upgrades the whole look in a fashionable way) and my brand new classic Chanel bag. Voilà!

Pictures : Charles Legrand

Mantle : Baum Und Pferdgarten

Jeans : Topshop

Top : Corner Parisien

Shoes : Vans

Bag : Chanel