As I’m sitting in my favorite coffee place in Geneva, enjoying my first cappuccino of the week (#needed), I cannot help but thinking of how, exactly one week ago, Charles and I were having some Italian caffeine in Milano with the Cartier team, just before the brand’s big party. I was wearing mama’s vintage top, my go-to jeans and some of the most desirable Cartier goodies, the weather was pleasant without going into extremes and I remember having felt a little dizzy – I always do when in Milan, blame it on the city’s rousing vibes. We walked through the historical center admiring for the x time this awe-inspiring architecture – have I ever mentioned the fact that something in those faded colors and dusty walls reminds me of my motherland, Saint Petersburg? It does, though the amount of vegetation blurs this resemblance. I heard people saying andiamo al caffè more than once that day, it was almost resonating in the busy streets, should we attribute this to the Monday fact, or has it something to do with that stereotype of italians? I guess I’m in no position to give an opinion as I’m about to order a second cup of caffe.

Pictures : Charles Legrand

Stefanel mantle

vintage top

Levi’s jeans

Cartier “Panthère” clutch

Saint Laurent loafers

Cartier sunnies (available in June!)

Cartier “Juste Un Clou” bracelet

Cartier “Love” bracelet

Cartier “Juste Un Clou” ring

Montblanc belt

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