There is a french expression that shows itself quite accurate every springtime, it says: en Avril ne te découvre pas d’un fil, which can be translated by “in April don’t remove a thread of clothing” – and basically means that April’s warm weather is not to be trusted. While I consider myself relatively trivial towards this sort of dictums, I must admit being completely taken aback each time I spot someone wearing a beach short or a light dress at the beginning of April. I mean come on, 19 degrees is not yet a summer warmness.
My own interpretation of a spring look would definitely be go for lighter fabrics and less layers but always keep yourself covered, you’ll have enough time for mini-skirts in summer. In this blogpost for instance I styled some pieces I found on one of my favourite online boutique, BestSecret – that, for those still ignoring it, offers a selection of more than 3’000 brands on low and unbeatable prices, and works through invitation only. So for my spring go-to look I went for a classic pair of culottes trousers in black, a gray business-style blazer that I chose a bit oversized for a retro fitting, a cool white t-shirt, some ultra-comfortable white sneakers and, huge crush, some large MaxMara sunglasses that I now have in two different colors and that were something like 200.- when I spotted them in a local store – on BestSecret they were 53.-, cra-zy.
As I mentioned above, BestSecret is a shopping community that works through invitation-only (which basically allows it’s members to access to insane promotions), and if you want on board I’m giving away 20 accesses with automatic CHF15 vouchers  through my own portal (here), first come – first served kids.

Pictures : Charles Legrand

Jacket : New Lily (from BestSecret)

Pants : Only (from BestSecret)

T-shirt : Anna K

Sunnies : MaxMara (from BestSecret)

Sneakers : Vans

Access through my personal portail  

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