#ClarinsAcademie EVENT IN PARIS

This won’t come as the surprise to those following me on Instagram : a few days ago Charles and I made a quick stop in Paris to attend the Clarins Académie event – a fun party held in a gorgeous mansion on Avenue Hoche where we were the only swiss influencers. When we arrived at the location, I was immediately struck by the fact that every single corner was instagrammable, from the carefully made product flatlays that embellished the place, to the bar where cocktails were served in pineapple and watermelon cups  – I really felt like the brand did a particular effort in order to please bloggers and influencers, for I’ve seldom seen such carefulness in details!

As I came without any makeup (thus wearing sunglasses like a hangover diva), my first stop was the beauty corner, where my personal makeup artist was about to make me decent. I must say that this session was pretty instructive, especially as it was the first time I was having my makeup done by a Clarins professional – not only I had plenty of questions regarding the new products, but I also wanted to share my experiences with the classics of the brand, because I’ve seen my mother using Clarins products for as long as I can remember and have been myself using their creams since my teenagehood … well you got it, I had stuff to say – but also stuff to discover, you can scroll down to discover the three products I loved that day and that immediately joined my spring routine.

Needless to say that I loved the makeup I got; light and shiny on the eyes, glowy for the cheeks and red (of course) for the lips – the result was a absolute perfect summer look that I’ll definitely try to do on my own very soon!

Following this beauty experience, I was obviously all up for taking some pictures, lucky Clarins had it all settled and the next thing I knew I was in a photo studio having my picture taken by a fashionable Parisian photographer. Those pictures were quickly edited by the team and turned into a very fun GIF, that you can see here.

The end of the evening was all about cocktails, healthy food and history – did you guys know that Clarins is a family business still ran by the founder (Jacques Courtin-Clarins)’s sons and grand-daughters? Guess that’s why the brand is that authentic and easy to work with!

The morning after a SPA treatment was in order (mmmh I have mentioned those delicious cocktails above didn’t I?) so I ventured into Neuilly-sur-Seine’s Clarins SPA, which by the way is a freshly renovated gem, to have a face&feet treatment. There are two things I particularly liked; the first one  is that my therapist was constantly explaining me what she was doing and what products she used – this might seem silly but I hate having creams I don’t know applied on my skin, thus a little explanation was really precious – and the second one is the lack of tools during the entire hour of the treatment,  my hands are my only tools the lady told me, and I liked that because it’s somehow more relaxing.

My three new discoveries:

  • Bronzer&Blush compact (summer limited edition)

A insanely playful compact containing three matte bronzing shades and a coral blush with soft shimmer. It is inspired by the setting sun and designed to suit all skin tones – during my makeup session the artist applied the peachy blush over the medium  bronze shade and the result was so natural that I got really addicted.

  • 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette (summer limited edition)

4 shades, 4 killers – from the essential matte beige to the rich satin-finish brown without forgetting the game-changing shimmery gold and the star of the palette: the attention-garbing orange. I love the packaging just as much as the shades, it is a rather small and practical compact in the flashy tons of this limited edition collection with an integrated double applicator (that I personally like using).

  • Lemon Leaf Hand & Nail treatment cream

I have a long-term relationship with Clarins’ hand creams, being a particular fan of their fresh limited editions (still crying for the Fig Leaf one which was too good for this world) – so you can imagine my excitement when I laid my hands on summer 2017 editions, especially the one that is Lemon scented.

Pictures : Charles Legrand

Special thanks to Clarins’ team for having us in Paris!