Whenever I think of London, I see ripped denim and rain – call it stereotype but that’s the pattern of each of my trips to this city. My last London experience was no exception, almost two weeks ago I surprised Charles with a little gateway for his 28th birthday and, after packing my wildest jeans, we flew to UK’s capital, where we stayed in a lovely hotel near Hyde Park. Why there? Well it’s pretty area but that’s not all, it’s also strategically situated between Notting Hill (aka the neighborhood of our fave coffee place: The Farm Girl Cafe) and Chelsea (yes Chelsea just like in Ivy Chelsea Garden, an awesome restaurant I discovered last year). I’m never not hungry, remember? Though the weather was pretty lovely when we arrived, I insisted on taking on umbrella with us which quite annoyed my not-so-pragmatic boyfriend (he was the one carrying it) but turned out to be the wisest  decision I ever made when it started raining + hailing (you read that right) while we were shooting in Notting Hill. I must say God save you if you have no protection during a shower in this area, for you’ll find to shelter there and have all the chances of experiencing some long minutes of loneliness, of really wet and cold loneliness.

Pictures : Charles Legrand

Sweater : Adidas Originals

Jeans : SJYP

Bag : Chanel

Shoes : Vicedomini

Scarf : Bvlgari