Osho said : if you suffer it is because of you, if you feel blissful it is because of you. Nobody else is responsible – only you and you alone. You are your hell and your heaven too. It is interesting how I always come to quote Osho before my exams, as if meditation only occurred through hardship and after a couple of make-up less days of work.  On that note I read a very lit article recently, a post that could have been written by Osho himself if it wasn’t published in Forbes by a contributor. It was something about a woman not getting the job she dreamed of after the company called her for no less than four interviews. Calling it a waste of time, she asked for advices. The contributor’s reply was wild, she told her that she made the huge mistake of placing all her hopes for the future in one project, and as she was closer and closer to getting that job she just stopped looking for something else. She was waiting and here is the problem. In life opportunities come and go, yes it is unpredictable but you shall not wait for a job, an opportunity or whatever. Waiting is stillness and all those that studied a minimum of literature/psychology will know that stillness is death. You must be the one creating the situation, you must be the one forcing doors and fighting for your future – you are your hell and your heaven too. You missed an opportunity? You failed at something? Adjust your crown and think fast, what’s next? what’s Plan B? (always, always have a Plan B). You must always be looking for what’s coming tomorrow, or in one month – nothing is for sure, world is in motion and we are at a time where things go pretty fast, you must have noticed. To quote another of my fave philosophers, my mama, « be sure you always have a backup landing strip ».

Pictures : Charles Legrand

Skirt : Maje

Jacket : Longchamp

T-shirt : WeAnnaBe

Bag : Chanel

Shoes : Gucci

Ring and bracelet : Cartier

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