Sea salt on my skin, warm wind in my hair and a foreign soil under my feet – holidays begun as fast as they came to an end but I’m still feeling that lightness and calm you only grasp by the sea. My trip to Corsica was indeed a short one, yet it allowed me to breathe a moment before getting back on track or, as my sisters often say, to get back to being Elvira again – meaning that my regular mode is busy, and I’ve got no arguments to contradict them. Things being as they are, it is true that those holidays were much welcome for my mental health, and my skin got some rest too, as I always try to use the strict minimum when it comes to beauty products while by the sea. We all like being fresh and natural on vacation, right? Yet when it is 35 degrees outside there are products your skin just needs, and the list of essentials begins of course by THE moisturizer.

This summer I’ve been lucky enough to lay my hands on a product that is not only a good-quality moisturizer, but also a real game-changer – I’m talking about La Mer’s newbie; the Moisturizing Matte Lotion, which is the fifth rendition of the brand’s iconic Moisture Collection and the only one to have a matte finish. You heard that right, a matte moisturizer. It might seem paradoxal, I was skeptical too when I first heard about it, and yet La Mer managed the challenge with brio by mixing natural ingredients known for their mattifying proprieties (such as ocean clay, blue-green algae powder, and sea minerals) to their moisturizing capsules, thus softening away age and pores, and leaving the face shine-free. Apart from this exceptional finish, I also love the fact that the texture is gel-like and quite lightweight – nothing’s more annoying than a heavy/sticky moisturizer in summer, don’t you think? Believe it or not this lotion also became Charles favorite as soon as he heard the term « matte », for he has a rather difficult oily skin, and when it’s hot outside, this lotion really makes a difference. Thanks who? Thanks La Mer!


Pictures by Charles Legrand

In collaboration with La Mer