Current situation : I woke to sunlight in Porto Vecchio, south of Corsica, swam 20min in the still-cold swimming pool in front of my parent’s house, and am right now writing this blogpost (my first since we left Geneva a week ago!) while drinking coffee and waiting for everybody else to wake up. To many it can seem like a basic holiday situation but to me, these are rare blissful moments of calm, in between of a incredibly rich of emotions trip to Paris (posts to be published soon!) and the realization of some pretty cool projects at home, in Geneva. Although I’m proud to develop my blog, and doing everyday something I truly love, sometimes it is still important to take some time for yourself, switch your mailbox off and just lay by the beach with a good book. I guess it would make sense to say that I needed this little week off to refill my batteries in order to come back to work with a better energy. A creative energy.

But more about Corsica now – I’ve been to many cities in France, even stayed ten days in the French part of Saint Martin, but Corsica really seems to stand out, it’s like a little country itself, with particular people and special customs. I will probably dedicate a future post to these specialties because believe me, there are things to know when you decide to spend your holidays in here. On the second day of our stay, Charles and I decided to explore Bonifacio, which turned out to be a real pearl of medieval architecture, with a number of photogenic spots that would make any blogger go crazy. That day I was wearing a chic traveler look – casual with my Teva “Terra Float” sandals (whose Float-Light outsole was priceless when it came to climbing stairs, and believe me, the city’s not lacking of stairs), and still classy with my black jumpsuit, leather details and golden jewels.

Pictures : Charles Legrand

Jumpsuit : NAKD

Shoes : Teva “Terra Float Nova Lux”

Bag : Louis Vuitton

Hat : Gucci

Bracelet : Chanel

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