Time flies and my collection of beauty products only grows, are you ready to discover my new little discoveries that immediately became real must-haves?


Being a major user of night masks (a good mask can really do miracles for a tired skin!) I just couldn’t miss GlamGlow’s new baby, the double overnight transforming treatment that I’ve been using for the past two weeks. The lovely silver pot is divided into two products, thus splitting the application into two steps:

  1. DreamSerum (pearl colored) : a gel-like serum charged with antioxidants and vitamins, the texture is very light and is absorbed by in skin in seconds.
  2. DreamSeal (gray colored) : a nourishing moisture boost of what I at first thought was charcoal (so popular in face masks right now) but this second step actually has a green algae base.



Who’s Monsieur Big? Are we still fantasizing about Carrie Bradshaw’s man? Non non, it’s all about Lancôme’s new toy, a mascara. As it’s name indicates us we’re talking about volume here, and Monsieur Big makes big promises: 12x more volume, up to 24h wear and a deep, dramatic black. After the first application I could tell that all promises are kept + no smudges nor smears, definitely one I recommend!



I heard so much good about this product that I literally removed all my makeup to try it when I finally got mine from the brand. Coming in a really luxurious packaging, the Touch Eclat is a light reflector which means when the light hits it, it reflects and bounces out the dark circles. It’s very easy to use, and I’m playing the makeup artist by applying it on the dip line under the eye, on my chin and on the top of my cheekbones to enhance my features by giving a subtle but radiant highlight to the skin. I heard some people were using it as a concealer, after trying once I wouldn’t recommend it this way because it will most likely draw attention to any spots it is used to conceal.



The one thing I’ll never have enough of is eyeshadow palettes, and just because I’m very fancy all my palettes feature shades of classic brown hues. Having recently laid my hands on MAC’s latest social media obsession, the In The Flesh palette, I can already tell that it’s IG fame is totally justified; the palette is filled with 15 neutral shadows going from classic nudes of light tan and pink to golden shimmers and burgundy shades. All the neutral shadows one could ever want, even if you don’t know it yet! My absolute favorite shades, both in terms of application, color payoff and longevity are:

Elemental, the matte soft beige, it’s a absolute must for every possible makeup look and as it has a smooth and blendable texture the shade is very easy to work with.

Tempting, the golden bronze, it’s surprisingly intensely pigmented and not difficult to blend at all – a perfect shade for summer!

Cumulus 2, the medium olive green with a frost finish, it has a very good coverage and is a gem for a light smoky look

I also upgraded my makeup game with two new brushes from MAC, the 286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending Brush, which allows great application control, and the 217 Blending Brush that is perfect for blending eyeshadows on the crease. Both are real game changers!


Guerlain’s famous Meteorites and me come a long way: my mother used to cherish those handcrafted pearls on her makeup table and I remember being totally obsessed with their smell. It smells of comfort, of retro quality products and of home. Of course, due to it’s price my mother wouldn’t let me play the artist with it so I got to try those Meteorites for the very first time quite recently, and they immediately joined my routine!

I use it once I’m done with my base (moisturizer+BB cream) as a setting powder all over my face on days where I want a natural glowing radiant look (basically, every day). It can also be used as a highlighter, but it’s not the product’s main goal so I wouldn’t recommend it for this purpose.

++ I also love love love the Guerlain Meteorites Powder Brush that is a uber-cute pink brush designed to fit well into the opening of the Meteorites and easily reach the bottom of the container. If you’re into those pearls as much as I am you’ll find out that this brush is a must.


If there is a product that hasn’t left my bags for months now it is without any doubt my Lancôme Matte Shaker in shade Rose Vintage. And I’m supposed to be a red-lipstick addict remember? The fact is, the brand’s newbie is not only a long-lasting liquid lipstick with a lightweight feeling and a bomb matte finish, it’s also a very fun product to use (you have to shake the mini-shaker to impregnate the pigments of the formula in the cushion-shaped foam applicator before applying the product), and this makes it a big favorite of mine right now. Although the applicator’s cushion is more rough than Lancôme’s Juicy Shakers (launched last year), I like my lips to be defined, so for a better precision I also use Lancôme’s Lip Liner in shade 06 Rose Thé, which works as a charm with my little shaker.



When the brand launches some new products, it is always dans le mille; their newbie is a lip balm made of naturally derived ingredients such as coconut oil and lemon butter (mmmmh) and comes in tinted and untainted versions. My personal favorite is the Simply Rose one, most of the time I’m wearing it all alone as a smoothing balm because I absolutely love the buildable pinky shade that can be layered for a more intense hue, but recently I also started applying it as a base for my lipsticks and it truly works well, as it is a moisturizer that, thanks God, doesn’t leave an oily residue like most balms.



I’ve always been a bit reticent towards Jo Malone’s body creams because they are known to be quite pricy, so imagine my spoilt brat’s happy face when I received a full Basil&Neroli jar to test from the brand – and guess what? I soon discovered that the cream was worth every cent. Let’s first talk about the packaging, because it’s just impossible to overlook: heavy and classy, the pot is made of glass with a solid black plastic closer, making a real good impression on my bathroom shelf. The scent of Basil&Neroli is refreshing and lively. It’s simple, yet sophisticated. It has a floral scent with green notes. You smell it and the next thing you know you’re thrusting your fingers into the cream like Winnie-the-Pooh into his highly desired honey jar. I was at first a bit perplexed about the cream itself, it seemed very thick to me, too thick… but actually on my second try I understood that I was applying too much product, being used to less efficient skin moisturizers – half off what I previously used was definitely enough. The texture is rich yes, but it absorbs perfectly, and leaves the skin very soft and silky without any hint of greasiness. When this jar will be over I’m already impatient of trying this body cream fragranced with Red Roses, as it’s my favorite Jo Malone scent – will keep you posted!



To tell you the truth, I’ve never been much of an after-sun person, my parents definitely are – they developed a real post beach routine that consists of applying an insane dose of that product and keep it for hours, yes the one they used (and will still use forever because they have stubbornness issues) was very very thick, and didn’t penetrates very well. That pretty much explains why I never liked after-suns right? Nevertheless, I recently opened my mind, or actually my vanity case, to Clarins’ new Face&Decolleté After Sun care, whose formula agrees with me way more as it is very light, almost gel-like, and is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it smooth and delicately perfumed. A nice soothing treat for the sun-exposed skin!



I took this little eye balm with me to Paris and Corsica because it’s 15ml format was truly perfect for traveling and I must say that I was impressed! I do use a lot of eye creams to diminish the dark circles I often get after a 4-hours sleep night but often, all they do is covering the lack of sleep without actually improving the quality of the skin around the eyes. The reason why I loved l’Occitane’s Eye Balm is that one week after I started using it I got positive results : my eye area was visibly toned and firmed, and the puffiness was all but gone – absolutely divine.


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Pictures : Charles Legrand