You’ve been redirected. Redirected from to and my talk about some little-big changes is finally leading somewhere. Actually, I’ve been thinking of modifying the blog’s name for a while now, and always lacked of time and motivation. But you know how life goes, sometimes all you need is an extra push – mine was a journalist’s question during a recent interview, she asked me if my blog was mostly about promoting the Russian way of dressing. Hard to explain your personal style when your blog is so openly connoted. Well I’ve been dealing with this kind of questions since 2012 – do you write in Russian only? do you specialize in Russian designers? do you sell Russian food? (??? I mean, come on).

Do you this and do you that – and years after I’m a bit tired (and only slightly annoyed) of having to explain that I am Swiss based since I’m 7y-o, that my style evolved in the past years from « Russian doll » to whatever it is right now and that, based on my current statistics, Russian visitors represent less than 1% of my audience. I don’t deny my roots, but I don’t consider myself a perfect sample of Russian fashion either, and while I’ll always be coming back to the culture I’m born into, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fit into the description of what a Russian blogger is. It’s not easy to explain, it is like being at a crossroads and having to choose between a comfortable ready-made image of a person, and your true self. TheRussianCode was good to me, but it was also restrictive – maybe I needed something restrictive when I started, to have some bounds and to somehow stand out, to compose some identity – but hundreds of articles later, thousands of pictures later I think I’m now ready to be myself.

Pictures : Charles Legrand

Top : Cos

Skirt : Eleven Paris

Bag and shoes : Chanel

Sunnies : RayBan

Watch : Quinting

Bracelet and ring : Cartier