Impertinent, insouciant, unreserved, thus is the French spirit – and whether you’re into Frenchies or not, we all want, or rather need, a bit of these allures in our lives. I might not be a Parisian myself, but I acknowledge the effortless style they brought into fashion and play the parisienne most willingly – wait, where is my beret?

Lately it is Longchamp, a brand I’ve been favoring since I’m old enough to understand what real chic is, that made me explore my inner frenchie by launching a new bag, the Mademoiselle Longchamp. I discovered the model along with all the international press in March, during the brand’s FW17 presentation in Paris, and I was probably missing a dose of caffeine that morning, for only this could explain the fact that I didn’t run away from the society with this Mademoiselle under my arm. Yes, love at first sight happens even with hardened fashionistas as I am, and this bag’s elegant-yet-casual style coupled with two straps and a capacious size were more appealing to me than a jar of honey for Winnie the Pooh, you know what I mean?

Now that Mademoiselle Longchamp is finally released and it’s gray version landed into my hands I’m diving into the parisienne spirit body and soul – for that’s the power of great accessories, they transform your mind by giving a twist to your wardrobe. Voilà!

Pictures : Charles Legrand

Longchamp AW17 total look

In collaboration with Longchamp