A couple of weeks ago I heard that, this summer, embroidered denim was so mainstream that it became passé, so naturally I dusted off the Topshop jacket I got last spring and took it for a little walk in Geneva. A last sort of “pity walk” you see. I paired it with a denim mini short (for who doesn’t like a little denim-on-denim co-ord’?), some old-but-gold Adidas sneakers and my darling Celine bag. I went on a meeting, sat for a little coffee break and did some food shopping – and by the end of that day I had collected more compliments on the embroideries that on my new ray ban sunnies (which is half vexing, half funny). With each compliment my confidence grew and my smile widened – I felt casual, but in a good way. Like those cool kids in old movies, or something from this register. Yep the details of the jacket might be mainstream or even passé, but nothing beats the sensation of totally owning your sh*t. Lesson of the day: forget other’s rules, if you like it, go for it!

Pictures : Charles Legrand

Topshop jacket

Dr.Denim shorts

Adidas sneakers

Rayban sunnies

Swarovski eye bracelet