This week officially launched the beginning of 2017th second semester – basically meaning that everybody came back from holidays and, filled with new energy, started scheduling meetings, organizing events and getting back to business. My week began with two important shootings, four coffee meetings and two lunch dates, plus a little trip to Zurich to attend an event. Needless to say that I’ve been running all week and yet, believe it or not, it is one of my favorite time of the year (maybe even taking the second position after Christmas) – I love being in a state of alert as it makes me more creative. But I can also understand that this period can be tough for some, as the weather is still summery (we had 32 degrees today, no joke) and running errands in a hot and busy city is not that cool. So I took the liberty of preparing three little advices on how to survive a hot working day and remaining reasonably good looking, here you go:
  • Say no to a second cup of coffee. Yes all busy people tend to consider coffee as a food group but if you have to attend meetings and lunches and dates on a hot day you should avoid ordering coffee on each rendez-vous as caffein dehydrates and acts as a vasodilator – think of that the heat outside already dilates your blood vessels, so having that additional cup of coffee will make them even larger, you don’t want that). Instead go for fresh juices, kombucha (just Google it), homemade ice tea or water (although that’s probably the most boring thing one could order).  


  • Add some shimmer to your lip balm. I once heard that lips needed moisturizers only for cold days, to avoid them ending up chapped – such a big fat lie. Lips moisturizers are products to have in your bag on a 365days basis. When it’s too hot outside I seldom use my matte lipsticks as they tend to dry the lips out and cream lipsticks end up smudging (so embarrassing). Instead, and because I still want to make a fab&fresh impression when I arrive at my meetings, I turned to EOS’s Shimmer Lip Balms that are made of natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea buttered, vitamin E and, in the case of my shimmery versions, even the shimmer is made of natural microglitter. Definitely a good option for those that want to wear something lightweight, hydrating, and fancy a little touch of shine. When it comes to working days I have a preference for the sheer pink balm since it has a light tint to it and gives the illusion of a little lip gloss.


  • Go for less formal attire. Yes you might seem more professional in your black suit, but how clever you’ll appear once your face turns red and you start sweating (oh dear)? So jackets off and casual clothes in. FYI this week I witnessed PRs from big compagnies coming to meetings in summer dresses or lightweight wide pants, if they can do it and still remain really pro, then you’ll manage too.


Pictures : Charles Legrand

In collaboration with EOS

NAKD tshirt

TopShop skirt

Louboutin bag

Cartier watch and bracelet

Bvlgari scarf