Freshly coming back from NYC (yes this experience still needs to be summed up in an upcoming blogpost) I’ve been greeted with tons of questions, or rather tons of demands regarding my favorite hang out spots. So here are the places I discovered and/or rediscovered during my second stay in the Big Apple – yet please keep in mind that these are not locals’ tips, but more of a blogger/tourist recommendations for some good NY foodie experience.

  • Crosby Street Hotel – I stayed there a couple of days with Bobbi Brown and their breakfast totally blown me away. Not only it the presentation of each meal is very lovely, but the food itself is a real delight! If the weather allows it, ask to be seated outside in the little courtyard, you won’t regret it! What to order? The French Toast and the juice of the day
  • Toby’s Estate on Charles Street or in Williamsburg – when you grew up with a ready-made image of what NY life is, it can be difficult to understand that you just cannot work on your laptop anywhere. Yep, finding a good place where’s good, 2. wifi works, 3 you’re not laptop-bullied is a challenge, and Toby’s Estate coffee places have all three advantages. What to order? The Brooklyn Blend, the Chai Latte
  • Butcher’s Daughter on Kenmare Street – ok I must say that I have a love&hate relationship with this place. On one hand I love their food, which is healthy without being too vegan-bio-whatever (does that makes sense?) and instagrammable decoration, but on the other hand their staff can sometimes be so rude that it can really ruin the ambiance. What to order? The acai bowl, the waffles (ask for extra bananas)
  • Cha Cha Matcha – first and foremost, I don’t like matcha, I think it tastes funny and is more fashionable than actually good BUT Cha Cha’s drinks are somehow different. My first experience was in January when I had a matcha with vanilla, maple syrup and surely some other yummy ingredient and I loved it, the usual bitter taste of matcha was gone and the drink was really soothing, so when I came back in summer I had in mind to order that same matcha again, but it turned out that it was what they call a seasonal drink – I had a seasonal matcha chai instead and it was equally satisfying. What to order? One of their seasonal drinks
  • By Chloe on Bleecker Street – THE place every blogger knows, or already heard of. The vegan burgers and so-called healthy fries are totally to be avoided as well as the beet-ketchup (I mean, why??) but the salads and the desserts are really good ( I treated myself with one of their big cupcakes for my birthday, miam!). Because if it’s insta-fame you won’t easily find a good place to sit (by good place I mean those that are outside or by the window, there are always free seats in the dark corner of the restaurant), so summon up your patience and grab a homemade lemonade.  What to order? Anything sugar-coated, really.
  • Dudleys on Orchard Street – that’s the last place I crushed on while in NY this September. The neighborhood is pretty cool, the food tasty and uber-instagrammable and the staff is absolutely adorable. They have a really good take-away service which is always useful. What to order? The granola with extra maple syrup.


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