I’ve always envied girls with personal hairstylists and makeup artists pampering them before an important event, and my envy only grows during Fashion Weeks when time is the fanciest of luxuries – tic tac makes the clock, and you’re still in your underwear with wet hair and your pinterest saved pics for inspiration. Actually, Fashion Week or not, we all want to make an entrance worth Bella Hadid’s red carpet appearances right? And then dance all night long and still have wild-yet-cute curls, ain’t it every girl’s dream? Well, this season I equipped myself with Goldwell’s newest Kerasilk Style range that turned out to be an unexpected ally against hair dullness. Those that follow me for a while might remember that Goldwell and I come a long way, their shampoos being my absolute favorites and I’m not even talking about their hair perfumes, that are still part of my vanity case’s top10 essentials – so no wonder those luxurious newbies joined my routine that fast. Let me introduce you to the products I’m using lately for my hairstyles:


The Bodifying Volume Mousse

Because of my type of hair, this mousse is just what the doctor ordered; my hair is usually extremely flat and thin, and before thinking of any hairstyle it is absolutely vital to me to gain some volume – I apply the mousse to my towel-dryed hair roots before my usual blow-dry routine and hop, my hair is bouncy and fluffy.

The Forming Shape Spray

Whether I want my hair straight or curly, I use this Forming Shape Spray as a base after my Volume Mousse – while this latest goes on the roots, the spray is to be applied on all the hair’s length. The product protects the hair against the heat and prepare the ground for the upcoming style.

The Smoothing Sleek Spray

Although my hair is naturally straight, it is not (unfortunately) naturally smooth, nor silky to tell you the truth. So when I don’t want to curl my hair but just to work on their length by using the straightener, I apply this spray on dry hair – the product will speed up the hot ironing routine (and thus reduce the inevitable damage caused by the heat) and leave the hair with a sleek finish.

The Texturizing Finish Spray

My absolute favorite because of its versatility, although it’s called finish spray, here are three possible ways of using it:

  1. On wet hair as a base, to make hair easier to work with + to add a thermal protection before the blow dry or curler.
  2. On dry hair as a fixing hairspray for a flexible hold – being less strong than the Fixing Effect Hairspray, its hold is still perfect for any natural-looking and shiny hairstyle.
  3. On dry roots for touch-ups, I use it to create additional volume in between meetings/parties, and it works as a charm.

The Accentuating Finish Cream

A product both my boyfriend and I have been using during Milan’s Fashion Week, I – when styling my hair as a bun or a ponytail, and Charles when he attempts to slick his wild curly hair back. In both cases we were not disappointed by the results. Moreover I also tried this cream on my curls’ ends to give them a smooth finish and here too, the product surprised me in a good way!

The Fixing Effect Hairspray

An essential product to have in it’s vanity case, especially if you like curls but lack of natural volume as I do. The fix is good not to say ideal, long-lasting and thus perfect for those long dance-all-night parties we all adore.

Pictures realized by Charles Legrand in Milan

In collaboration with Goldwell