Ever since I visited NY for the first time this January, I kept looking for that little magic all movies are promising, but from my first impressions or my memories I couldn’t tell that I’ve been struck by the Big Apple’s vibes… at least not until my second visit a couple of weeks ago. I discovered a facet of the city I didn’t pick out the first time – blame it on the weather, but in January everything, from transport to basic food choices seemed complicated in NY, and I somehow felt used by the city, as if all it’s best have already been seen and nothing was left to be felt. Yet with the mild weather of fall I arrived in an almost different city: outside terraces, small concerts in Washington Square Park, endless walks in Nolita and Greenwich Village [please insert the broken heart emoji]. Charles and I took some time for ourselves after our program with Bobbi Brown to simply explore our favorite neighborhoods so we worked on the blog like locals in coffee places (read all about my fave spots here!), went to the theater and simply permeated with NYC’s atmosphere – for now I can say it: New You I love you.

Pictures : Charles Legrand

All Saints jacket

Cos sweater

Mango pants

WEAT bag

Givenchy booties

Cartier’s “Panthère de Cartier” watch

Cartier’s “Love” bracelet