This September’s highlight was without any shadow of doubt my trip to New York with Bobbi Brown, an escapade motivated by the launch of their Crushed Lip Color line and the desire to offer influencers a full insider experience of Bobbi Brown’s hometown. Not only it was my first press trip outside Europe, but also my first immersion into this brand’s universe – which, as you might imagine, is pretty thrilling. Well actually no imaginative skills needed, as in this blogpost you’ll find a complete recap’ of the three days I spent in the Big Apple with Bobbi Brown, hope you’ll enjoy the ride 🙂


After a smooth landing on the American soil, and the joyful discovery of a little survival kit à la Bobbi Brown in our personal car, we checked in our lovely hotel called Crosby Street – you might remember this place from one of my previous articles where I praise its delicious breakfasts – this hotel is strategically located in SoHo, aka the nest of all my favorite spots and shops, and where Bobbi Brown’s HQ is situated since 2002.

Our arrival couldn’t have possibly been more pleasant: tons of products, the entire collection of the new lipstick line and gifties were waiting for us in our room, and after a quick shower and a room service tea tray we have been treated with a Invigorating Massage at the Chillhouse (149 Essex St.) where, by the way, coffee is pretty delicious too!


On the evening of the arrival day, #BBGirlCrush influencers from all around the world met for the first time in the garden courtyard of our hotel – just to give you an idea, we where 25 global beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencers with, reunited in the same courtyard, about 25M reach of social medias. There were ladies from the US of course, but also from Russia, Germany, Spain, Thailand, China and the list is still long.

That evening was all about getting acquainted, enjoy some NY-inspired bites and cocktails and learn the delicate art of flower crown making with Lisa SalzerLulu Frost’s jewelry designer – and Tess CaseySex and the City & The Devil wears Prada set designer, no less. I managed to make myself a crown, that same crown I got confiscated at Newark’s airport days after – a real pity ‘cause even dried it looked gorgeous.


Of all my wordy pleasures, being pampered by a makeup artist definitely goes in my top3 and after waking up at 3am (jet-lag is to be thanked there), a bit of additional glow was MUCH welcome. All makeup sessions took place in a large suite of our Crosby hotel where I gave myself in the hands of a lovely Bobbi Brown makeup artist that performed her magic to make me look fresh&fab. This was also where I learned more about our new line, the Crushed Lip Color lipsticks.

The collection is made of 20 shades that came out in Switzerland on the 04/10. My absolute favorites are Regal – a flirty red that my makeup artist applied on me that same day, Babe – a chocolate brown with reddish undertones (keep wearing this one non-stop since I arrived back in Geneva!), Grenadine – a deep bordeaux, and Baby – a most perfect pinkish nude. This Crushed Lip Colors formula is a pretty impressive one; pigmented enough to look good after one swipe (or as the brand likes to call it, to get the just kissed effect), and layers up as a charm for a more intense look. As for the finish, we’re here on a satin-matte that feels comfortable and stays on the lips for hours before fading of course- but fading very elegantly and naturally-looking. What I also find most useful is the packaging that perfectly matches the lipcolor, basically you don’t have to open each lipstick to identify its shade.


Many things were firsts during this press trip, but an old good street style shooting is definitely something familiar, wherever I wander. There was nevertheless an exceptional aspect to it: it wasn’t Charles who was taking my picture, but the NYC-based photographer Joanne Pio, an adorable human being that really did a fantastic job in capturing the overexcited me in the SoHo jungle (pics coming soon on my IG!).

For this shooting I chose to wear a total black outfit because 1. I wanted to exhibit my new booties and 2. I wanted my look to be stylish-yet-sober, with a big highlight on my makeup.


After the emotions of the street style shooting – I mean, I nearly got hit by a yellow cab at least three times – all I needed was a little Sex and The City moment : a cocktail in a super-chic SoHo hot spot. The Bobbi Brown’s team, as the fairy Godmothers that they are, made it happen and brought our entire #BBGirlCrush squad to De Maria (19 Kenmare Street) – a uber cool bar situated in my favorite neighborhood called Nolita (FYI : North Of Little ITAly). There we’ve been treated with fancy cocktails each named after a lipstick : Crushed Watermelon Wanderlust, Crushed Blackberry Bae, Crushed Bellini Baby and Crushed SoHo Sunset – how cute is this? I had my first sip of Yola Mezcal (which btw is really really good, and really really something to be enjoyed in moderation, believe me ahah) and met this drink’s founders and mixologists Yola Jimenenz and Gina Corell Aglietti, two awesome ladies that are taking their industry to the next girl power level.


Day 3 was Day-1 before my 23rd birthday, yet I haven’t felt myself that young and childish for a long long time because when we stopped at the iconic Jane’s Carousel on our way to Brooklyn, and the Bobbi Brown team handed me a big pink balloon to take pictures with, with the Brooklyn Bridge as setting, it was as I was 7 again and I couldn’t stop laughing.


You guys might have heard of those mythical NYC spots that are SO in, that you have to book a table for MONTHS in advance? Well Lilia (567 Union Ave) in Brooklyn is this kind of place, and this is exactly where our merry squad headed to after the carousel rides.

Lilia is owned by Michelin-starred chef Missy Robbins and we’ve been greeted with fresh drinks and lots of smiles and (!!!) Jenna Lyons, aka my ultimate Girl Crush, aka former J.Crew president and executive creative director, aka the Woman Who Dresses America. Ok that’s a lot of akas but hey, Jenna Lyons (!). After a few minutes of total fan girling, I set down to eat the delicious meals concocted by Jenna Lyons’ culinary crush Kristen Kish, also known as Top Chef’s season 10 winner. This lunch was definitely a real treat! And I’m not only talking about the food ;))


Tearful goodbyes are not the ways of la maison, instead all the #BBGirlCrush crew gathered one last time for a fabulous and memorable carnaval party at The Glasshouses Studio (545W 25th St, Manhattan), a location with a most breathtaking view over the city. I’ve been stunned by the decoration on my arrival: confettis, sparkles and more lipsticks I’ve ever thought possible to rassemble in one room (yes, my inner beautyholic was screaming with happiness) and above all, I was glad to share a drink with those adorable PRs that did an incredible organisation job during those three days. I’ll always cherish those memories.

Pictures : Charles Legrand

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Major thanks to Bobbi Brown’s Switzerland and International teams