They say Ibiza lays on quartz, it’s soil having an incredibly high level of this crystal and that this is where the island gets the special energy it’s known for. So whether the quartz, or the epicurean slash hedonistic image the island forged about itself in the past decades, the level of happiness in Ibiza cannot be questioned and my smile grew only wider by the hours spent there.

Charles and I shouted these pictures on the day after David Guetta’s « BIG » performance, as we headed for Formantera with the Tag Heuer team – a pretty nice little island, calmer than Ibiza itself but somehow wilder in a different way, definitely a destination to add to your next summer bucket list.

Pictures : Charles Legrand

NAKD jumpsuit

Gucci hat

Chloe necklace

Cartier “Tank Solo” watch

Cartier “Love” bracelet

Bvlgari “Serpenti” bracelet