After coming back from NYC and attending two university classes (yes, back at it!), Charles and I took the train for Milan with Bulgari – to tell you the truth, Switzerland might be a pretty boring country yes, but it’s biggest advantage (except the indisputable quality of the chocolate of course) lays in it’s positioning on the very center of Europe, making any travel quite easy, thus four hours of train later we arrived in Milano Centrale. This city, and I’m not afraid of repeating myself, has that something – sunshine, colorful architecture, carbs or whatever else I cannot name – that makes me giggle like a babe every five minutes, and each time I feel like my carefully selected outfits are just not enough. Not colorful enough (well this ootd is almost monochrome so you feel me), not detailed  enough or not chic enough – for Milan is the kind of city where you can definitely go crazy styling-wise. Anyway, I still took some pictures in this look just two minutes away from our hotel before operating a little metamorphosis – Bvlgari’s big party was calling you see.

Pictures : Charles Legrand

Nakd top

Rag&Bone jeans

Hugo Boss slippers

Louis Vuitton bag and strap