For I’ve been a long-term adept of Boss, I’m not afraid of saying that many of it’s key pieces have appeared on my wish-lists throughout the years. I’m talking about classics such as the suits or Boss’ very popular Bespoke bag, but also about those seasonal pieces which often act as game-changers in a wardrobe. I know many of you loved the dress I’ve been wearing at Boss’ big party a few weeks ago – yes this one is definitely a must – yet in today’s article I styled something print-less, another of my favorite pieces from the brand’s current collection: the light blue jumpsuit. Pairing it with some fringed loafers and – dreams come true – the Bespoke bag in light beige, I think the result is a pretty cool mix of casual and fashionable (the jumpsuit’s cut is definitely tipping the scale on the fashionable side, don’t you think?).

Loving classy-yet-stylish silhouettes, I couldn’t have possibly missed out on Boss’ long-awaited reopening in Geneva. Indeed, a few days ago the brand opened the doors of 500m2 of gorgeousness that include a large made-to-measure area, tactile screens where you can browse through the lookbooks and order directly online, an « experience table » for deeper insights into the brand’s world, granite stairs and new selfie-friendly fitting rooms. And I’m not even talking about the big focus that has been made on lights all around the boutique. Those modern changes make our Geneva’s store the second in the world to be rebranded with the new concept and I’m already looking forward to my pre-Christmas shopping tour because, obviously, I’ll be having much fun!

Total BOSS look

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In collaboration with BOSS by Hugo Boss