Autumn is here, and I couldn’t be happier about the fallen leaves, chiller temperatures and the low, slanting light that comes with. This is my favorite time of the year, and as curious as it might seem this season is also synonym of a fresh start to me, just as the beginning of the year is for some, a clean canvas. From the back-to-school rhythm to the frenetic envy of novelties in the wardrobe, I also like starting the season with a new scent, one that will, years after, bring back the memories of the adventures lived and the feeling of crisping leaves when you walk through them. 
This time my chosen scent is to be Thomas Sabo’s Charm Club Hello – a new, young fragrance with the most delightful cocktail of savours, but I’ll let you judge this by yourself:
  • lemon, melon, passion fruit and litchi as head notes 
  • orchid, mango peach and passionfruit again as heart notes 
  • amber, sandalwood and musk as base notes
I know, yummy as those cute treats you find on candy racks. And talking of cuteness, the packaging of the fragrance itself is not without reminding of those small Thomas Sabo charms I used to collect (ok I still do actually), with the b&w stripes, the satin ribbon on the neck of the bottle and the round shape characteristic of Thomas Sabo’s Charm Club flacons.
Yet in contrast to the previous scents, Hello appears to be more self-confident and cheekier, ideal for young, joyful and carefree ladies that don’t hesitate to jump into piles of fallen leaves only for fun, because hello – you only live once.

Pictures : Charles Legrand

In collaboration with Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo’s Charm Club Hello is coming out on the 14/10 in Switzerland
but you can already find it online 😉