If you follow me on social medias you might have already got the news: yesterday evening Charles and I announced my pregnancy, a candid picture of my second echographs that soon attracted many « OMGs », likes, comments, private messages, emails and tons, literally tons of questions. Kylie Jenner’s strategy being way too hard to follow for my over-excited self, I decided to dedicate this article to answering some of the most asked questions I received, so here we go:

We discovered the news ourselves at very early stages, by mid-October (which makes me 13 weeks pregnant by now), while Charles was euphoric since the very beginning (I mean, the man was up for announcing it on social medias on that very same day) I must admit having freaked out like crazy. At that point I was a complete ignorant regarding childbirth, kids, and basically everything in between.

An unplanned pregnancy then? Honestly, I don’t think it is sensible for a Swiss based girl to actually plan a pregnancy at 23, the average age of the moms-to-be I know here being past thirty, but on the other hand I always said I wanted my first child before 25, just like my mama that had me at 20 and was an excellent mother and the best friend I will ever have. Yet you know, Russian mentality regarding kids is very different from the European one, and by growing up in Switzerland I’ve seen my wish becoming less and less realistic. Studies and blogging were somehow occupying most of my thoughts, and lately I couldn’t have possibly imagined myself with a child, how could I find time for a baby if I had to plan my laundry a week in advance? When I shared my fears with Charles he told me something I will never forget : « with our job there will never be a perfect timing, we will never found ourselves sitting on the couch and deciding that now, now we will make a child ». And damn, that was it. Past the initial shock I knew it was my baby, and that I would learn step by step with the support of my man, my family, my friends – and with you guys, for your support ever since I dropped the news is like a fresh shot of adrenaline.

How did your first trimester go? It was like riding a bicycle through hell, no joke. I heard about morning sicknesses, but in my case it was sickness all day long, and extreme tiredness, and headache and mood swings. I couldn’t eat but was hungry all the time, yet the only moment I wasn’t sick was when I ate (yes yes that much for pregnancy logic). Fortunately around week 11 it all stopped, and I was alive again. Right now I’m feeling absolutely fine and energetic, back on track as they say 😉

Will you become a maternity blogger? God no I definitely won’t ahah. Although I appreciate the work of some mama bloggers, I don’t follow them – nothing personal it’s just that other babies, their growth and their little clothes do not interest me, nor do I expect my followers to be interested about all that while I am known for a fashion and beauty blogger. Yes I might miss some accommodating collaborations, but frankly I prefer to pay for my stroller than having to post ten pictures with it on my feed, if you know what I mean.

So you won’t show your kid on social medias? Charles and I thought about this a lot, and we decided that we won’t hide the baby from our public profiles, nor will we put stickers on it’s face on pictures or anything like this. But I will explain our position in a following blogpost because it is bound to be controversial.

Does it shows already? Slightly, but if you don’t know I’m pregnant you’ll just think I overate a bit ahah. For the moment all my clothes still fit, although I begin feeling quite uncomfortable in my high-waisted jeans. On the whole I feel like I’m very lucky with the timing and my term, as my second trimester (when you have a medium bump) will be in winter and I can grow my quality sweaters collection while still being able to wear my boots and winter coats, and my third trimester (when the bumb is huge) will be in spring, so hello dresses and light oversized jackets – my main goal is to avoid maternity clothes as much as possible, not because these are known to be ugly (there are actually many cool brands doing fashionable stuff right now), it’s just that I would hate buying clothes I would not be able to wear after my pregnancy. We’ll see how this resolution evolves in the following months.

Pictures : Charles Legrand

(pics taken in October)

Makeup : MAC Cosmetics

Sweater : Arket

Bag : Roger Vivier

Hat : Isabel Marant

Belt : Bally

Shoes : Gucci