The very first time I heard about the watch and fine jewelry collections from Ralph Lauren was last summer; Charles and I were having a meeting with the brand’s representative in one of my favorite spots in Geneva. I shared what I knew and loved about the brand; that their shows during NYFW were grand, and that every member of my family had at least five of its iconic shirts – including myself. At that point in time, I did not know about their luxury watches or fine jewelry, but that day, over a delicious coffee in the center of Geneva, it was the start of our relationship.

You guys know me, if there are two words that never miss attracting my attention these are « watch » and « jewelry », blame it on my deep obsession with accessories. What I learned that day about the line was sufficient to place it on my wishlist once and for all. Ralph Lauren Watch & Jewelry is a joint venture between Ralph Lauren and the Richmond group. The timepieces and jewels are manufactured in Switzerland – home of the finest quality-makers I would say – and while Swiss expertise is surely present, Ralph Lauren’s designs keep true to its style. I’m talking about effortless chic, red-carpet elegance and that je-ne-sais-quoi in its DNA that just makes the brand so cool, luxuriously cool, you know. There are seven collections all inspired by very different aspects of the world, and all linked to what the designer likes, whether it is the equestrian universe with my favorite Stirrup line, the classic automobiles world with the Automotive line or the architectural aesthetics of the brand’s flagships with the RL867 and RL888 lines.

With time I got to know the brand a bit closer, and behind its classy standing I discovered its adventurous side; hidden meaningful details, colorful interchangeable straps, eclectic dials – it is precisely on this side that Charles and I tried to play for our pre-Valentine’s Day shooting with the timepieces – creating a fashionable-yet-chic love story in the middle of the city’s wilderness.We are excited to share this shoot together. It was one of the first times that I got to take Charles, my photographer, who as you know happens to also be my love and my partner in life’s adventures, behind the camera with me! We hope you enjoy the photos!

Pictures : Alexey Chernikov

Edit : Charles Legrand

I am wearing :
A RL888 watch with a red bracelet
A medium full-pavé Stirrup watch
A Chunky Chain Solo bracelet RG
A Chunky Chain Solo ring with diamonds RG
Charles is wearing :
A RL867 watch with a steel bracelet
A Automotive Skeleton watch
A Chunky Chain Triple-Wrap ID bracelet

In collaboration with Ralph Lauren Watch & Jewelry