Freshly back from beautiful Marrakech, I honestly still can’t get over my first moroccan experience. And that, in a good way.

For the second part of our trip we were so lucky as to stay at the luxurious yet intimate La Sultana hotel that is ideally situated inside the Imperial City walls in the « golden triangle ». Five riads have been combined to create the hotel, and if you’re looking for Instagrammable spots, these are definitely to be found in every corner. From the 1001 Nights-inspired architecture to some African-style furniture, the place is incredibly uplifting.

But it’s not all in the appearances; there are things, or rather feelings that you know will never leave you – I experienced some of these during my stay at La Sultana hotel. I’m talking about the bliss I felt while sitting on it’s rooftop terrace that overlooks a small local market in the Medina, I was sipping mint tea and simply listening to the stollholders’ negotiations and the frequent calls to prayers – it was far from being calm but it was one of the most relaxing moments I’ve experienced in a while; then I also have to mention my morning reading hours in the gorgeous little Riad Bahia and the kisses Charles and I exchanged on the balcony of our Jaguar suite by night, with the sound of some oriental music coming from the hotel’s restaurant The Patio. Those couple of days really felt like a dream, and La Sultana like a haven.

Pictures : Charles Legrand

In collab with La Sultana hotel