Some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it mild and some like it bold – guess what will be the subject of today’s post? Coffee of course! Recently Nespresso challenged me into blind testing its new limited editions : the Arabica Ethiopia Harrar and the Robusta Uganda. Being a coffee addict and a long term client of the brand I couldn’t have possibly refused, and a few days ago I received my own set featuring both sorts of capsules as well as the accessories specially created for those limited editions. For the packaging the coup-de-coeur was almost guaranteed – tropical designs and flashy colors ensure safe passage straight to my heart. As for the challenge itself, I must admit having been slightly anxious: even if I drink a pretty important amount of caffeine on an everyday basis I didn’t think myself capable of distinguishing two types coffees. No particular modesty here, it’s just that I always associated testings to fine connoisseurs, and my daily cappuccino skills seemed slightly superficial in the matter. And yet, once blindfolded and facing my cups of Arabica Ethiopia Harrar and Robusta Uganda, senses got the upper hand and no doubts remained.

The first sip I took was of a strong and powerful sort, and I immediately tasted some cocoa notes – that was the Robusta Uganda, that is of Nespresso intensity 10. The second coffee, which turned out to be Arabica Ethiopia Harrar, was very different, yet equally tasty, with fruity and flowery flavors enhanced by malty cereal notes – this one is ranked of intensity 5 and indeed it seemed lighter.

To push my experiment further in the following days I was thinking of trying both coffees in a different way: the Robusta Uganda as a Cappuccino (I feel like those cocoa notes will do great with an extra drop of milk) and the Arabica Ethiopia Harrar in its Lungo version, for a sweet and indulgent drink. In the meantime I’m strongly advising you to make the blind test yourself, those two editions are really worth it and the experience is definitely rewarding.

In collaboration with Nespresso

Pictures : Charles Legrand