Like Mathilde Thomas, Caudalie’s founder, wrote in her book « The French Beauty Solution » – your French maman wouldn’t be shocked if you drank a bottle a wine in an evening, but she would be horrified if you went to bed without removing your makeup. Indeed, each woman has a different makeup routine, yet if you’re respectful of the skin you’re in every routine ends the same way : with a careful session of makeup removal. I know that with everything one can now find on the market selecting the right product can be challenging, throughout the years I’ve tested many different formulas to finally find what personally suits me and what helps me ending each day in the best way, so in this article I will introduce you to a couple of different options you can find at Caudalie.

As you might already know from my previous reviews, all Caudalie products follow the brand’s ‘Cosm-ethics’, which means every natural formula is free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfate, synthetic colouring and animal ingredients. It’s kind to the environment and to delicate complexions. The brand’s cleansers are no exception and are mainly or totally made of ingredients found in the nature, let’s discover them together:

The Gentle Cleansing Milk

I would call it a classic, the kind of classic you can never go wrong with. As the name suggests, this cleanser has a milky texture that is very smooth and creamy. I like the fact that it is not thick, and does not feel heavy once applied on the skin. The formula is very gentle and thus suitable for sensitive skin types. Once applied, it doesn’t foam or lather, and comes off without stripping the skin.

Upgrade your experience : for a total comfort experience you can mix it with the Instant Foaming Cleanser (3 pumps of Cleansing Milk + 2 pumps of Foaming Cleanser) – the effect is very lightweight, you really feel like a newborn after that no kidding.

The Micellar Cleansing Water

In my opinion this is the right product if you want a deep cleansing or if you are in a hurry, let me explain you why: Caudalie’s Micellar Water is refreshing and light, 98% made of natural ingredients and its formula is made up of micelles which trap impurities in the skin (that can be sebum, pollution, oil or make-up). It simultaneously cleanses the skin (apply it with a cotton wad or a facial sponge in the morning before using makeup) and effectively removes make-up in the evening. Thanks who? Thanks Caudalie!

The Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil

My ultimate must! I tried this Cleansing Oil a few years ago and can truthfully say that I’ve been purchasing it again and again. 100% made of natural ingredients, it has a very nice non-sticky silky texture and a delicate almond scent. What makes it my sweetheart is the fact that it does not require cotton wads or facial sponges, two-three pups in your hand emulsified with a bit of water totally do the job. And have I mentioned that it removes all types of make-up, including the most stubborn waterproof mascara? As I said : it’s a must.

Upgrade your experience : Try mixing three pumps of Cleansing Oil with two pumps of Instant Foaming Cleanser for a comforting cocktail (particularly recommended if you have dry skin!).

The Instant Foaming Cleanser

This product is a little treat, and believe it or not it’s my boyfriend’s favorite! Caudalie’s Foaming Cleanser has a gentle soap-free formula that is ideal to purify the skin and remove it’s impurities morning and evening, or to be used for double-cleansing once your make-up is removed (what I do). It is 98% made of natural ingredients and perfect for combination/sensitive skin.

Upgrade your experience : if you have an exfoliating cream at hand, why not mixing it together with two pumps of Foaming Cleanser? The result is a surprising « sugary chantilly » that will enhance the purifying effect of the foam and give your skin more radiance.

++ The Moisturizing Toner

Not really a cleanser, but definitely a must in the cleansing routine this is why I added it in this review. Why using a toner is that important? Well after the cleansing step the skin’s pH is disturbed – the right toner helps bringing the skin’s pH back to normal. Basically toners also help in removing any makeup remnants, which may have been left after the cleansing process and play a part in proper absorption of the next product into the skin; which may either be a serum or a moisturizer. In addition, this Caudalie toner does a great job in moisturizing and revitalizing the complexion, I’ve added it to my routine for a couple of weeks now and am very satisfied.

Pictures : Charles Legrand

In collaboration with Caudalie