Rise and shine sweethearts, for today we’ll be talking about a specific morning ritual most of us (me included) never skip : the coffee intake! Warm or cold, long or short, black or latte – one that presses the button of his Nespresso machine every morning shall probably agree that the right coffee runs the entire day. Until very recently I didn’t had a proper coffee routine, I simply grabbed my coffee and sipped it on the run … before grabbing a second coffee someplace and so on. I couldn’t say I enjoyed it, nor did I actually take the time to appreciate the drink.

Yet by growing up my tastes and needs evolved with me, and I soon noticed that having any coffee at any cost was no longer part of my priorities. As I always say, the most important thing is to know what you like and how you like it ; and it turned out that I liked my morning coffee tasty, of quality and with a drop of coconut milk in it. But most importantly – I wanted that moment to be as calm and peaceful as possible, a few minutes per day I only own to myself – no work, no rush, no pressure. In short, I came to bring coffee from simple necessity level to a moment of blissful delight. The leading part of my current morning ritual is played by Nespresso’s Envivo Lungo, a coffee I really appreciate for its intensity (I believe it is Nespresso’s most intense Lungo) and delicate caramel notes that just marry perfectly with a small amount of coconut milk. For days when I need extra soothing I also add a drop of agave syrup, it just makes the whole drink so comforting without stripping it from its awakening goal.

In collaboration with NESPRESSO

Pictures by Charles Legrand