There are things we keep a lifetime, others that accompany us for a certain period before being relegated to memories and there are those goods we barely touch that already they become worthless. How formidable would it be to turn waste into new, useful items, not only from an ecological point of view – although this one is not to be neglected – but also and simply for a practical aspect, right?  Agreeing on this, we can only applaud Nespresso’s Second Life project – an initiative the brand brought to life in 2016 and that aims to raise awareness around the recycling subject and more precisely on the fact that the brand’s distinctive aluminium capsules, once correctly recycled, can be endlessly reused. What I like the most about Second Life is that it goes beyond words, as Nespresso updates its portfolio with exclusive and original collaborations every year. Thus we have previously seen the brand team with names like Victorinox and Zena to create practical items out of reused capsules. 2018 will be no exception as we can from now on discover the pen realized in close partnership between Nespresso and Caran d’Ache – another great Swiss brand known worldwide for its quality and durability. This ballpoint pen, named 849 Nespresso, is made of used capsules’ recycled aluminium; it is lightweight, timeless and it does look pretty good too, with its cerulean color given by Nespresso’s Dharkan capsules. In other terms this pen is definitely a wonderful example of a successful recycling process, especially as it concerns something as relatable as coffee capsules and that I am, as you guys surely know by now, a constant Nespresso coffee drinker. 

To allow one of you to test the fruit of this year’s Second Life campaign I’ll be hosting a giveaway on my Instagram account. The winner will receive a kit containing a pack of Dharkan capsules and the limited edition 849 Nespresso pen – good luck!

In collaboration with Nespresso

Pictures shot by Charles Legrand at the Nespresso Boutique Bar in Lausanne