It’s been a year guys, a year since I introduced La Mer creams to my beauty routine and believe it or not, this was so far one of the healthiest decisions I took. I often heard that once you go La Mer, you seldom go back – my skin face approuves this for sure. I would say that what makes La Mer’s line such an attractive moisturizing option is the fact that you can switch finishes and textures depending on the time of the year, your skin needs or your daily activity without giving up on the brand’s winning formula made of a blend of fermented seaweed, vitamins and minerals that’s been treated with sound waves – the very famous miracle broth. Just as simply as that, I began my La Mer journey with the Moisturizing Matte Lotion which was perfect for hot summer days when you just want it all : hydratation and not looking oily. Then, as degrees started to drop and early pregnancy hormonal changes hit me, I kind of had a hard time identifying my new skin needs : was it too dry? too sensitive? slightly dull? I turned to THE classic La Mer cream that I applied on top of the Genaissance Infused Lotion by La Mer – maybe that mix would have been too rich for my combination skin if I hadn’t been pregnant, but I was, and it worked on my skin as a charm. 

But what about now? Now that the weather is much more mild and that my hormonal swings stopped as I entered my third trimester I went for a lighter hydrating option, one that I’ve been trying since it arrived on the market in March : La Mer’s new Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream. I cannot stress enough how much I love the feeling of it on my skin – it feels cooling, refreshing but most importantly; hydrating. The texture is what you would expect from a gel cream; lightweight and soft, ideal for warm days just as the Matte Lotion. What I really like is the fact that you don’t have to wait ages before pursuing your makeup routine after you applied the cream, actually you don’t have to wait at all as it sinks into the skin super fast and leaves a velvety effect.

In collaboration with La Mer

Pictures by Charles Legrand