It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season, everywhere you go – and indeed, my apartment is all decorated, some of the gifts already purchased and my perfect festive playlist is ready. 

And now the wait begins, but let’s talk about this pre-holiday waiting game shall we. The fact with the end-of-the-year festivities is that many await D-day impatiently, forgetting that festive is the watchword of an entire season. So while some count days, I start every morning with a sweet note – or should I rather say three sweet notes as Nespresso launched not one but three new coffees to indulge us this winter : the Nespresso Festive Limited Edition Variations Paris, inspired by french pastries. The first one I tried was of course the Variations Paris Praliné, I say of course because its flavor is reminiscent of a praliné dessert, and I’m known to be a big chocolate-lover. This yummy flavor is born from a delicate blend of roasted hazelnut flavor, enhanced by a touch of caramel sweetness. I personally drink it with a drop of oat milk – it’s a true treat. In fact if you’re a sweet-tooth you just can’t miss the Variations Paris Macaron whose cereal notes and subtile almond flavor are so emblematic of the Parisian macaron – lately I’ve been offering this one to my guests for dessert, and so far it’s an indisputable success! The last (but definitely not the least) of the new trio is also the strongest : Variations Paris Black – a sip of it and you’re on Place du Marché Saint-Honoré, enjoying your aromatic café noir. Paris Black has notes of cereal and nuts in a syrupy texture, combined with spicy and woody notes – so satisfying. 

Also, as the festive season is all about wrappings and packagings, I must say hats off to Nespresso for the lovely designs of the Limited Edition capsules. This exclusive trio has been realized in partnership with one of my favorite architect and interior designer, India Mahdavi. Who would have thought that coffee could be that fashionable?

In collaboration with Nespresso

Pictures by Charles Legrand