It’s a three hours flight that separates Geneva from Marrakech, you might think that it’s quite a ride, but once you’re there, once you’re feeling warmth on your skin and these 32 degrees melt the city stress you had in you without even knowing it, then you just wonder : how come I didn’t book my flight earlier? In case you don’t know it yet, Marrakech is one of my favorite quick retreat destination. I say quick because all my Morocco trips have been planned last minute, and although my last minute organization is sometimes chaotic, this time we’ve been lucky to be welcomed at La Mamounia hotel on the occasion of Charles birthday.

Describing the hotel is no easy task, as La Mamounia is an experience that has to be lived, felt and tasted (yum yum yum!) but let me give you a general impression. 

Nestled on the outside of the medina, La Mamounia has been a legendary place since the 12th century. Even if you have never been in Marrakech you’ve certainly already heard of La Mamounia because of its award-winning reputation; “The Best Hotel In The World”, “Top Hotel For Honeymoons”, “Best Spa In The World”… and the list goes on. You might have seen pictures too, these iconic shots taken by the pool or in the 1001 nights-worthy courtyards. Yes these have been in my Pinterest files for a long time now. In terms of numbers the hotel has 135 rooms, 71 suites and 3, three-bedroom riad. There are 4 on-site restaurants and 17 acres of princely gardens that cushion the hotel from the outside hubbub. 

We arrived in Marrakech one day before Charles birthday and we’ve been greeted as royalty with hot towels, orange-blossom milk and dates. Our room – which in fact was a suite – was furnished with thoughtful touches such as fresh peaches, yummy moroccan pastries, champagne and flowers. My personal crush was on the spacious balcony we had, it was overlooking the gardens that are magically lit at night, and on the mornings, when we were waking up early to witness to sunrise, there were birds singing everywhere and it felt like a true luxury, being there, seeing this, feeling peace. From the moment we checked in I knew I’ll have a rough time checking out, as everything from the lobby’s amazing fragrance to our Suite’s walls embellished with Moroccan tilework, intricate stucco and carved woodwork, everything was calling my name. Oh and did I mention that Mamounia’s room slippers are shaped as babouches? #GOALS

Speaking from experience, I would say that staying in the hotel and simply visiting the hotel for the spa and/or lunch is two completely different ways of discovering La Mamounia – mainly because of its « no pictures » policy towards those that are not staying at the hotel. Although we’ve been stunned and offended by this rule at first, living the Mamounia experience from the inside – as clients – made us change our minds. It’s true that without this rule the hotel would be crowded with people taking pictures and organizing photoshoots – believe me when I tell you that we witnessed four couples of influencers having their cameras confiscated at the hotel’s entrance on the day of our arrival. This hotel is a gem and every corner seems to beg for a quick insta snap, but at some point we ended up being grateful for the privacy. 

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