When it comes to coffee, I’m definitely #TeamMilky – and while I often enjoy long blacks, I certainly never refuse a cappuc’  (note to self: only posh people use this abbreviation, I should probably stop). My love for milky recipes led me to venture into many cups : flat whites, macchiatos, frappés and so on; as they say with age comes the wisdom, so now I know what works for my palate, and I’m excited to introduce you to my three favorite milky recipes realized in collaboration with Nespresso.

As a Nespresso enthusiast and proud ambassador for the second year in a row (yas!), I’ve honestly been thrilled by the launch of the new Barista Creations range : three unique blends designed to be the perfect accompaniment to milk (or mylk too, as they match with plant-derived milks as well). Let me introduce you to these three newbies first:

  • Barista Creations Chiaro : (light in Italian) and it is indeed the lightest roast out of the Nespresso Barista Creations happy trio. Made of a blend of fine Kenyan and Indonesian Arabicas, this coffee develops sweet notes of caramel and biscuit once in contact with milk – perfect for a cappuccino or, as you’ll see by scrolling down, for a latte macchiato.
  • Barista Creations Scuro : (dark in Italian) It is the right one for you if you’re looking for the perfect balance of coffee and milk. Arabicas from Colombia and Ethiopia have been selected to form this blend, and the aromatic potential of these two coffees is punchy and toasty enough to push through milk. Barista Creations Scuro is my personal favorite.
  • Barista Creations Corto : (short in Italian) – the most robust roast of the range. Barista Creations Corto is an intense and dark mix of African Arabicas and Robusta – but against all odds (and with the help of Nespresso’s Barista experts) it goes very well with a touch of sweetness offered by hot milk or milk froth (or the yummy alternative I’ve given in my recipe below).

Now that you guys are acquainted, scroll down to discover three delicious recipes you can develop using the Nespresso Barista Creations capsules. As you probably know, making a instagram-worthy cup of coffee can be difficult at home, so I used the Nespresso Barista device to get a little help in my creations.


What you need :

An all-time classic drink and, in my opinion, the perfect one to savor Nespresso Barista Creations Chiaro’s sweet notes. In this recipe the coffee shot will be added in the Austrian way – meaning after the milk, and the macchia or stain will appear on top of the foam. As a chocolate lover I couldn’t resist adding a bit of chocolate on top as well, but it’s really not a mandatory ingredient.


  1. First, pour the milk (150ml) into the Barista jug
  2. Close the lid, choose “Latte Macchiato“ on the device’s screen and press the start button
  3. Pour the milk foam into the glass
  4. Brew your Barista Creations Chiaro coffee with your Nespresso machine – can you smell these delicious notes? 🙂
  5. Pour the coffee directly in the glass
  6. (optional) grate some chocolate on top on the foam


What you need:

As I said before, I’m a chocolate lover, and thus I couldn’t miss the chance to play a bit with my favorite mix : coffee and chocolate! I have to say that the Nespresso Barista device makes mocha recipes childishly easy to realize – but I still congratulate myself on the little, quite surprising, cinnamon twist that I first tested on mochas in Seoul. The recipe being rather sweet, I think the Nespresso Barista Creations Scuro’s coffee is just the perfect choice to push through all this sweetness.


  1. First, insert four chocolate squares into the Barista jug
  2. Pour milk (100ml) into the jug
  3. Brew your Barista Creations Scuro coffee with your Nespresso coffee machine and pour it into the jug
  4. Close the lid of the Nespresso Barista device, choose “Mocha“ on the screen and press the start button
  5. Serve the preparation into a Cappuccino glass
  6. Add some cinnamon on top


What you need:

Espresso con panna is literally an espresso with cream, and it’s one of those drinks that I love having after dinner, instead of dessert. Now, why à la marocaine? Well to sweeten the rich cream I use some date syrup, an ingredient that reminds me of my Moroccan trips – test it and thank me later.


  1. First brew your Nespresso Barista Creations Corto coffee with your Nespresso coffee machine and pour it into the jug
  2. Pour cold cream (100ml) into the Barista jug 
  3. Add some date syrup to it
  4. Close the lid of the Nespresso Barista device, choose “Espresso Con Panna“ on the screen and press the start button
  5. Then, with the Nespresso Barista spoon, collect and pour the cold cream on top of your coffee


In collaboration with Nespresso

Pictures by Charles Legrand