I can hardly believe this long-awaited summer 19 is finally here, but daily sunshine and almost tropical temperatures don’t lie – we’re having it at last. Waking up with this Mediterranean weather could easily make me forget that we’re spending most of this summertime at work, sounds silly and yet starting the day with sun rays warming my face, the song of birds chirping in the trees and  one of those trendy Nespresso Over Ice iced coffees in hand could turn any weekday into holidays. Oh wait, I haven’t told you about my current favorite iced coffees yet, have I?

This summer, Nespresso’s coffee experts have created two new Limited Edition coffee blends that match perfectly with ice and that promise to transport you directly to the Australian coast (well, your taste buds at least) minus the jet lag : hello Nespresso Flat White Over Ice and Nespresso Long Black Over Ice! 

Nespresso Flat White Over Ice

One could say it’s a classic, but that wouldn’t be fair to the Flat White Over Ice’s original roasty blend. What I particularly like is that it is punchy enough to strike through the milk foam, and that without being bitter. Want a recipe? First fill your Nespresso glass with ice cubes, then pour over 120ml of fresh milk, and finally add a shot of Nespresso’s Flat White Over Ice. Enjoy!

Nespresso Long Black Over Ice

Ever tried replacing your iced coffee’s milk with sparkling water? Australians do that, and it’s surprisingly addictive! Nespresso’s Long Black Over Ice has sharp and fruity notes, and as its name explicits it could actually stand alone without milk – but pouring it over ice and sparkling water definitely adds an unexpected, chill twist. 

If you haven’t tried these Limited Editions then hurry up, they are available at your closest Nespresso boutiques and online but for a short period of time only 🙂

In collaboration with NESPRESSO